All right we’re ready to start again I’m going to see what we can build with just two things I don’t know she said what basement remodeling Milwaukee can you build a building mini house is what I meant. Here see where at Define the face eyes and a mouth only a few pieces I should work on my supposed to keep making the face I’m making something yeah I can’t I can okay awesome if I’ll build something yeah cuz we got done at the end of March and it’s a 30 day return window all right we need to come up with a new return process then. you’re welcome. it’s not never use you could try full price and then people just usually give you on those sites leaves you just give you last and then you just say yes yeah but then if you listed at 175 someone’s basement remodeling Milwaukee going to say like 125 so you listed at like 2:50 somebody you can get talked out of 200 250 to 50 o b o 50cc with all this play my kids all day enjoy your house you made this one’s different leave the house down there .

True and we need a fridge to tell you that just get a fridge will be fine you should just try  you say they’re here by like 10 yeah that’s cool what do you mean look at this one is Ballard Designs I look at the calendar I can see that there is a 3 4:30 I have to go to South 15th Street which would be pretty close to where I got my tattoo 15 minutes away from here from my location we can see you yeah I was like from the hardware bag honestly look at it Suburban trouble hearing me but oh well I’m just going to keep it going go to working basement remodeling Milwaukee see the scores and see where everything is at.  see what the standings are at the Reds for not losing my games right now the right to do whatever they can to make it tough for the Brewers cells where the rents are they are 3 and 1/2 games back are the Brewers in the last 10 we’re going up against the Pirates tonight so that should help if we look tonight some flowers pitching against Bray Monday rather plan so next it was a big 1 hours next up film if I went well we’ll talk to the guys then Joe and Sarah will on the 5th and will be a good fit they will give you a call back for personal interview actually actually Sarah is she’s talking to you right now she said basement remodeling Milwaukee we can she set you up for a personal interview this week.

I can ask her real quick so it was the best day for you she come over here now figured we do this now while you’re on the phone you think you could do it Wednesday morning why would you do something like that all right I’ll put you on the schedule and then you’ll just be meet at the same spot you did for your first for your group interview awesome on Wednesday what’s the name Brian it seems pretty nice We got a mom 10 a.m. on Wednesday. Should I go 40 well 4 Everybody in the next sales meeting parrot sound.

Aggressive did the Brewers beat the Braves 221 I got to save which is good Devin Williams pictures really well that guy from everything I understand you do just going off lately you feel like it was important that you called him so the pitching game logs on let’s see what we have there what was the characters of the eighth inning this year which is good stop saying my name so if you look at down Liam since June 3rd since June 3rd and the games that he’s pitched for the Brewers are 15 + 4 + 17 + 80 as a 1.06 era in the American League batting average 29 basement remodeling Milwaukee strikeouts in 17 in you don’t even then like if we look is June 5th 14 + 4 with a .56. Answer your personal interviews 10 a.m. on Wednesday Wednesday morning was pretty open for Tri-C it would color should I put it in red or purple or how about pink how much Sarah’s color yeah okay cuz red looks like it’s a project manager thing all right I’ll put pink so that Sarah knows that’sIt’s pink.

That we know  Ideal Tile 2 crashing yeah that is tough cuz he didn’t seem to have basement remodeling Milwaukee an issue on the phone with me on Friday about it like cuz I’ve see he had an issue about Friday but nothing he said if he’s not home he’s either we could get up early morning for his Angel leave with his wife 451 set cut off a circle size in here and he’s like well do you have a screen tool to have somewhere to put it on is that what this is what is that for right on the other side any cool cut off a little piece.  super with permit but with my parents who sings fire HardmanLast week completely blank Brian filled his basement remodeling Milwaukee out so I guess I listen why they sending me reminder inThank you send me reminders this make me think that oh man I’m really fighting MondayYes Jose.  if we keep looking at certain things we will see that Williams has been pretty lights out so it’s actually helping that looks like last year was not a fluke because I got to 70 what year it was a very good no I can’t no give it a shot what were we calling her for a proposal maybe they weren’t basement remodeling Milwaukee here when so Thursday was. oh that’s so cool Isn’t that cool. yeah of course she did 94 oh my gosh. If you would like more information on our services, give us a call today. We’d love to answer any questions that you may have! Call us today.