Right this will be the last one for today and then that should get me pretty I had go up moving forward I just texted Joe the the information that I just got you look at the my Gmail I have nothing in there I might do that to put the zipper and some water going to be annoying but oh well basement remodeling Milwaukee. Look at other things I don’t I don’t really know what to look at right now or whatever this is 9 for the day so seems pretty realistic that I would run out by run out of ideas but I mean it is what it is at this point there’s not much I can do about that call me if we look at photos on there are little bit of little pictures of little bear bear all six are having this so funny and a little Ferry he’s at the white little dog little Pitbull she’s so cute that little dog is so cute I love that dog.¬† basement remodeling Milwaukee I love these little live images on the screen because my mom’s dog is a whack job Mom oh boy my little brother he’s so funny my sister is a great artist I don’t know what that comes from but she is please all of the lights pictures cute little sister they’re so cute she’s a cute little baby she is not happy that I’m trying to take a picture of her see a little smile on that picture exit mad at me I think you’re she starts the smile she has to commands she looks in this picture yeah I can delete the Dave consepcion cards even though that’s a yeah I don’t know what’s going on with that so we keep looking if you look at notes I do have movies to review I don’t really feel like doing those ones I was fun to just I’m going to get that out of there because I was that was pretty problematic if I look at Funko Pops that’s what I haven’t really talked about yet.

So I’m going to get the Batman Funko how to get the basement remodeling milwaukee Batman Funko Pops cuz those are pretty fun if we go to shopping there’s the see there’s the 80th the 1995 version of the character I was pretty boring I do like the 80th anniversary 1 I think that is the What is the I don’t know what it says I’m maybe like the 1989 version idiot something don’t know that means but there is T 1989 metallic Joker just kind of a cool card a cool thing there is the what see I like this this one the George Clooney costume not a lot of people do then there’s Red Hood with pretty sweet as Batman in his pajamas I guess then there’s basement remodeling milwaukee the old 1950s Batman in his Batmobile how there is the see there is the Imperial Palace Batman Thursday very original DC Universe I don’t know what the guitar soloing is this once Batman v Superman I don’t really like how that one looks not that cool if we keep looking there is the Batman 1989 the target version that’s a really cool looking apparently though you need what is it $65 to buy it and I wouldn’t want to buy that there is B it’s that there’s the Joker from The Dark Knight is it pretty scary looking Funko basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Weezer playing on the radio right now all there is the see I think the Justice League I think that Batman with the goggles of pretty cool on Thursday Dark Knight just the regular vinyl figure with older so there are all those and then we go to page to see where at man there is the animated series that was really cool I am of the surfboard I don’t know why you’d need a surfboard summer stuff there is like that man as the flash which is I guess kind of cool there’s the Joker from the the Jared Leto version that nobody likes so there’s that see this one is really cool the Arkham the Arkham Knight version of the character looks really cool and Alfred pennyworth is cool see I want to make my own on the way I can cuz I’m not a good artist but still the other Christian Bale version is tougher than the armored Batman is so cool apparently those aren’t for sale anymore I guess there’s a Dark Knight Returns, that’s all about I do need to get those games those are all fun I don’t know I don’t play those as much the Arkham series she look up that the Batman Arkham series I am going to look that up right now.

Basement remodeling Milwaukee if I look in look up like Batman Arkham series of see what shows up Arkham series let’s see what we’re at here for the order of the years the series The goal was the first two games Arkham Asylum and then there’s Arkham City so those are pretty exciting wow Park Batman Arkham Knight they came back so that’s pretty exciting it’s like everybody likes these games Arkham City Lockdown I don’t

know what that is oh and then there’s Arkham Origins which I don’t know what that is what is this game for oh that’s only for mobile okay that’s why there’s Arkham Origins which I don’t know if that’s from Xbox the other basement remodeling milwaukee¬† trigger all they don’t have it even 4 do you have a game anymore an open-world incorporating see isn’t Arkham Origins like it’s Bots City that’s right then there’s Arkham Knight which was like the big game that everybody like Arkham Origins Black it I don’t know what that is but there isn’t see what Origins is I don’t know what that is I feel like people should know but synopsis okay that’s what they’re going to do Bane they go up against okay that’s exciting I’m just normal 8 years before Arkham Asylum oh okay second year in his career is where we would be at okay that’s kind of cool then how do I get this off get up out of here I don’t even know how to get this off Origins either way okay I’m just getting out of all both of them get get me out of here how do I get out how do I get off this come on iPad turn off.