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Happy Monday I am so happy the Sun is out soon the windows will be open soon at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee and the kids will be laughing and the dogs will be walked and the birds will be singing it will be a beautiful site the flowers will be blooming this weekend I was busy Saturday I cleaned out closets and old memories I sat in my daughters room for a long time I saw that her rocker was now gone I saw that the breast pump was gone and I saw her baby clothes were soon gone I didn’t know what to do with myself but to continue moving items from her room that we no longer needed she is growing and is now a toddler her bed is no longer a crib yes she walk out of her bed and begs to sleep with mommy and we do I let her I don’t bat an eye she is with me every night later Saturday we went to a seamstress and patched my baby boys uniform for scouts he has to say good bye to his friend who was now abiding in heaven at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we value memories we value family we value unity we value tradition we value culture and we value growth and we value our customers and their families we love to serve those who grow with us we love to have a relationship that will compliment each other and we love to move forward with our free estimates and new remodeling projects we think of our homes we think of families that are in our community we pray for them we mourn with them we live in unity with our community and you definitely cannot have a community without the unity I thought a deceased child that was cremated would be okay to celebrate without too much emotion attached until I arrived at the life celebration with my brother and son and its tore at me so deep I saw my babies supporting others I saw scouts holding each other I saw leaders standing near and parents adjusting to the emotions of their children then I thought about our community this isn’t the first child that has passed away unexpectedly and peacefully at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we see the craziness of this world and we mourn our hearts go out our prayers are lifted and then we continue our days of remodeling and when we are in a home our minds are prepared our hearts are renewed we are all on the same page we are united we are in our community and we are the unity that is coming to your home to serve to know your family and to serve and provide your dream a reality we are here to secure your home with a great remodel to create space to create memories to create more laughter more cheer and more joy it is our passion to remodel basements and create a new space for families to enjoy life together this weekend has brought me a lot closer to my career at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee knowing that my littles needed each other and needed me to tell them emotions are okay was hard it was rough seeing boys of all ages crying so loud weeping on one another holding hands hugging necks and celebrating their memories with their beloved friend we are not promised tomorrow and while we are in your home making your dreams reality we have in mind the love your family shares the memories you have made and the joys they bring we are people of our word and when we say we are a team of integrity we mean those words when we say we are people of character we mean it we understand life we understand life events we understand creating memories we understand the struggles we have to overcome and we understand the victories we have and we love to celebrate them with families we serve our joy comes from serving the clients we have and we love when there’s others who are interested and call for free estimates we are there we are ready for that estimate at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we love to give our free estimates and we love to show our compassion we love what we do and when you love what you do then it really doesn’t become work but it becomes a joy to serve others and that is what I love the most about back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we have an open line of communication we can talk about what is going on we can talk about our families and we can talk about the joy they bring and the struggles we face and we can talk about the times we share together and we can talk about real life the door to communication never closes here and it is open to our customer sitting around and talking about life with coworkers I relaxing knowing that you are not going to struggle alone and that you are appreciated and your life matters means the world when you are serving a community it brings great joy at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we wish the best for us our customers and our community we love what we do and we are doing it well please go to our website and fins out check out at back to basics and go to our reviews and video testimonials from other customers then google us and check out our reviews at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are happy to know we are making a difference and that is what matters to us we love being the help to others and we are here to help families make a change and grow in their homes to appreciate all their space and know their dreams for the space will be the reality I love what I do I love that I am here I love that we can help I love that we can support and I love that we can resource different families with new remodels.