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Good morning today is a great day Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling my walking as we came in this morning the weather was terrible and the rain was falling super hard nobody wanted to get out of bed and came in and around the office look at each other and prepared for another day here in the office My Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we don’t enjoy the weather when it’s gloomy and rain pouring really hard cuz I really hard days for us but a back-to-basics Builders we taking any obstacle we taken any time we have to think outside the box and this morning I had to take a few minutes to take a deep breath and know that I may have only been 15 minutes late but I didn’t throw myself and the emergency room I was able to breathe through and do some long exercises and move forward with work today and it made me feel great inside knowing that I overcame that Shore tops to go around the basics Builders when wearing your home and where we doing the remodeling project sometimes we come against things that are out of the ordinary not planned for and when those moments occurred we have a solid team of Labor is that can think outside the box and the beauty is this team of laborious spend time together outside of the company and they have become part of the Band of Brothers and when we work We were together based off of those relationships that we build outside of the Four Walls of Back to Basics Builders and the unity and the strength that we have within us is what helps us get through our day and to know that we can come into work we can think outside the box we can overcome obstacles and we can have joy within that because we are definitely a team of integrity and I say that with everything in me. Back to basics Builders with our mistakes we fix our mistakes and we move on we’re definitely a team that works hard and we are blessed beyond measure for that and we have favor upon the ministry and because we have worked so hard and because we have unified and because we found each other strength son because we’ve opened our Communications and we found different ways to be United and to be a whole team and once you find that in one another you learn in one another that great things are happening I Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee the spring into season is great and we’re doing well with onboarding new leads and where following through with new projects and it makes me happy that were completed and all the old now and we get to move forward with the beauty of new things and it just it makes me happy it makes me happy to know that everything is moving forward and now everybody is busy and you can see that coveted becoming something of the past it’s still present of course they’re still the virus and I hope and pray they aren’t other businesses that are essential that our front-line have taken steps to prevent any sickness illness or disease from each other the business and of course customers and we have we have had great talks with our customers we have been educated by professionals how to Doan our equipment and that we are definitely going to be okay moving forward with any of the remodeling project from the knowledge of one another and when you share now and she sure was them and you start implementing things and it’s great to see because then growth occurs stop Back to Basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee we love to see growth arrange drawing we are I’ve actually offer free estimates and 100% Consultation Services during the estimate we also provided 15% more right than any other company on the in the fields a business and are Anderson and your fans tonight go to our website today Back to Basics turn on the contact page please even the Box what details we want to know what your remodeling project is but it’s for what it’s doing in your home with your purpose behind this project is going to be I’m Back to Basics Builders we in love that we can be a team for your support throughout a remodeling project and if you’re interested and your free estimate and scheduling it today give us a call 460-0075 we’re here for you from AT&T 5 p.m. will answer all your questions in regards to your remodeling project I know we have a few new tools that provide a free open communication that really makes me happy is implementing tools to open up lines of communication customers but Back to Basics Builders we just want our customers to know that they’re well cared for we enjoy having our customers we enjoy that they get to be a part of us can’t wait to celebrate life with them back to basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee M I want you to know that you get your free estimate today and can give us a call at 514-460-0075 again we can move forward to the contact page if you would like it Back to Basics fill everything out for us and we can get you scheduled ask a few questions whether or not you’re prepared do you have plans for your new project what are they what do they look like are you prepared for a demo do you feel emotionally attached to your space how can we help you support you just think outside the box and know that I don’t only memory more memories will be made Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee you want you to know that we’re here to think outside the box and better care for you throughout your remodeling project.