Aurora photography degree in wonderful weekend today in this week you know it is Friday after all and you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee were just getting out of our meetings we’re going to be having a great start to our weekend and you know the sun is out today and it’s really beautiful outside today so why do we get outside and hello fresh air from us after all we’ve had a week of rain so you know here at basement remodeling in Milwaukee we are all but excited for the weekend to be here and have a nice relaxing next couple of days. Speedo here and basement remodeling Milwaukee where we discuss a few different options today you know when you are in the market of looking for Home you know that the topic comes up with whether to build a home where to buy one that’s three standing you know today is the day where there’s a lot of people buying newly built homes were or the building from the ground up and so they’re what you want before they can even go and live in the home after you buy it set whittleby belt for a hustler, discussing today here at basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Baby discussion a newly built homes and you have a difference between them missing the past from what the houses that are like now I need a water but you know a lot of things are going to do a bill Holmes and you know you have the location obviously where you want to build the home you know that’s why so many places you can do it and you know it all comes down to who you want to be making Ron pretty expensive New Deal policy and as well as building a home yourself but you know you’re busy reminding watch me work on all the types of homes couple contracts wolf of cleats for the past the last year against it was your take a look at their basements and there was three houses back-to-back-to-back and they were all looking to get their basement redundant and makes it if it has a basement that’s one of the things you might want to look into when you are building almost to finish the weekend with kisses why they can run you more expensive than I could what you are actually are finishing a home here to hear basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Would you understand that I would do it for surely feel for you guys but you do we do have to make money we can’t charge left because you guys made the mistake of not finishing the basement weekend with you know where does that get out for me these days I’m talking a lot of different things a lot of clients and potential clients real quiet Clippers could tell from older homes to newer homes and this is when working on each and every house. Are you do here at you know there’s a lot that goes into projects like this and newly built homes are just tremendously expensive for the fact man is a lot of his the whole world already running a few hundred thousand and I mean a few hundred which is more closer to 600 to $700,000 runs a lot of money you know that you don’t have after spending that much you don’t have much money money to spend on your basement. but you know you’re at basement remodeling walk there’s a lot that goes on the disease process of building old building remodel from the ground-up you know whether is a kitchen in a basement or bathroom we do it all here at basement remodeling Milwaukee. I don’t even give out free estimates and make sure you check us out at Back to Basics

And you know if check is out of the basement and see what we can do to help you with your next big remodel you have a good weekend they do here at basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s a lot goes on into our process you know we love helping clients from starting their basements or the bathroom or kitchen just help them make the memories that they want to make with the family is you know it all does start with those little small projects you know they might seem like a huge project what is a small project in the wrong a long run to hand you know you have a chance on your whole life there and you’re ready to keep it and you know it’s going to be phenomenal the project Brothers a great job for you because you’re the exactly the way you want it we just got that brand new kitchen on older homish and you know it looks fantastic you know the tiled wall that has before the backsplash as well as the corks or cracking remember was quartz or marble was one of the two.

That it was on the backsplash for the stove and it just Dominic Keating we talked about it all day cuz it’s literally is unbelievable project that we are very excited about and it just turned out on me more amazing that are the products in a video of does it really good work but you know a lot of it does come down to the design and what were you guys want to spend on these projects you know it and that’s what it comes down to is money do you want to just live in the house if you have it just remodel it or do you want to go for a newly built home where you can spend a hundred a hundred thousands of dollars just to get exactly what you want what you can spend just maybe a hundred thousand get the greatest basement you’ve ever could imagine in the perfect house that you have already you know if I hear basement remodeling Milwaukee we do it all give us a shout out and let us help you with the next remodel.