Welcome everyone hope everyone is having a great and fantastic month and his beautiful may we were having you know this beautiful weather which I’m being completely sarcastic because we’ve had terrible weather on weekends and you know it’s one of those things where it just doesn’t get good for a while you know summer is right around the corner and then it just still 30 degrees outside on Sunday nights instead of being a nice warm cool I should say cool that warm because 6 degrees is hot really warm but it’s not cold either so that’s cool basement remodeling Milwaukee. But you know we’ve been dealing with rain and we’ve been dealing with a lot of other degrees that is not fun for the month of May.

You know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot going on and you know we do like having nice signs on the weekend and you know it’s unfortunately we have not been able to get outside for half of sites has been coming chilly rainy and stopping a great want to get outside. You know regardless of that we may discuss a newly-built versus old homes today here at basement remodeling milwaukee you know there’s a lot we can talk about this subject so we’re going to get as much as we can done and discussed with many different things about them so anyway we have signed 9 contracts in the last month and a half greatest things do you know if we have a lot that’s going on with a lot of projects tearing up these coming weeks and we’re finished up a lot more projects and you know it’s been a fantastic you’re so far away are on Pace to be better than we were last year which is a great to hear and create to know and he’s are going in the right direction.

You know here at basement remodeling milwaukee is a lot that goes on our guys are you just learning every day getting better at everything that throughout the day start the process is all but going to each person’s house and getting everything done that you needed. so you know we’re going to Memorial Day weekend which is going to be fantastic an extra day off this week it will this weekend which is really nice enjoy the nice long break I’m going to have to come back on Tuesday and get back into things you know we have a lot like I said we going on you don’t wave a lot that look forward to this coming month with a lot of projects starting inhaled some of them aren’t very big and we got this one that’s really big and back want for me a fantastic project you know it’s going to be a very unique a very different one so you know that there’s that they we have multiple was that we are starting next couple weeks how would I looking forward to that. But you know delete Built Homes are very nice and very unique compared to their very different and you’re one of them is an issue because we’re trying to get this project get off the ground and there’s a problem with us or line hey when you get taken care of and you know it’s just an old home so it’s not completely priority for the city but you know it should be a priority be due to the fact that we are trying to work on it we are trying to get this going for and you know this Project’s going to look fantastic they want this kind of old Cream City brick tile on their walls and you know it’s going to be a great and fantastic thing that’s going to look amazing in the end you know what is all the whole man has the oldest Statics to its you know has a kind of winding staircase down words to the basement and it’s just fantastic I haven’t done one of these in a while you don’t we’re just trying to get going through this again and try to get more communication between our clients in us and we’ve been trying to get this going with our clients with him trying to call the city and not be able to get a hold of them so we call them finally got hold of them you know after a couple weeks and I finally talked to somebody to get kind of give us the information bracket on how things are going to go and whether or not it should be an emergency or not.

You know I am forward to the weekend we do have a lot going on for the weekend it’s basement remodeling Milwaukee from Grandma’s birthday party on Sunday so let’s give me instead I introduce me Funtime nice relaxing time with the see the family catch up with some of the old families see you in a while so I have more coming to town for the party because it is a long weekend so they can come in and spend some time with us before they have to go back out so it should be an easy time for your here basement remodeling

Milwaukee there’s a lot that goes on throughout the process in our from start to finish we know basement remodeling Milwaukee we have a lot of faith in our guys to do the work properly and get it done correctly you know we make sure that we are communicative with our clients and the potential clients every step of the way from the phone for a phone call to be an estimate to the proposal all the way into the end of the project we are therefore their needs and their 1 Psalms letting us know that that the project is going smoothly as possible with for them as well as make sure that they get everything they need and want in this project it’ll make their basement look fantastic.