All right so you know I’m hard to of made my Fourth Article basement remodeling Milwaukee. So for begun honestly if I be happy with 4 or 5 either one of them really good for sex but 5:00 would be fine too. I’ll Marvin I just checking on this Instagram actors for a new followers of go Marty I just barely woke up a job over there go. We had none of her estimate today. Our photographers off. She’s the one that says I call her before and after pictures of our website and whatnot. And she gets really gray pictures and there was turn out so my son and I think that you just really good job with it. What’s the weather out there cuz she wants to remodel hurt so she’s a bought this house a few years ago. And she’s trying to the H2 slowly Remodeling and I think since. And so the last thing I asked her model is the bathroom. I think her daughter wants a password on a little more than she does I think obviously I think she wants it done to what I mean she actually like she’s me the one paying for it and her daughters that the one exit paying for it. Turn on that she’s in as much of a rush with her daughter is. But they don’t want to go far, she couldn’t walk to the space and that’s for sure what they’re going for but they just need to kind of like narrow down like budget price kind of thing. I’ve got quiet I don’t know where that though I saw him for sale on Facebook Marketplace basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But yeah they like we should win this really cool vanities that are looking and I think that manatees are really good way of like an exciting personality here what not to his face. I think that about the Vin Diesel cool but I think they were like an all white rhinos like walk I guess. Turn all white vanity and down they just have kind of like a rustic kind of element to it I guess. Would be the best way to like putting it in like they look cool but we shall see that you are so much alike wainscoting because she doesn’t like the way that like drywall looks in like bathrooms or something but like sometimes you can like like just going to follow up I guess sometimes a few things. But I think that overall with a cute house and I think it’d be really cool project too especially since like she works with us so I think it’d be really nice to kind of like how some of our work like in her space that she can show clients like oh yeah this is like what their work looks like and I think that would be really cool to kind of be able to like doing show that basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Yes I will see she was really nice and she really cute puppy. Or puppies actually above the same ages Marvin I think like month older so it looks like a little like Shih Tzus like a little teddy bear puppy Hog nose for the Cure was Dolly. Actually my parents have their puppy I told her they should name her dolly my dad Lee like to my mom did not like the name Dolly at all. So I’ve got Bo really fast and my mom and I were both kind of stuck on that I may either she’s very much so on Magnolia so she still good girl 1 hour. I’ve got up a corner words up in this article until I have another thousand still have four articles done today. But yeah so I found was talking about column was trying to look what I’m talking about one of my doing this sometimes because like I said I’m talking about going and talking and eventually like a good remove words and eventually tell maybe I’ll get to word on today. Already at leave anywhere until for another hour or so. But then Angelo International talk about. I’m just like right now I’m just saying I was over the kind of in the area would like two houses we’re out today basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And there’s just one out in Muskego for 1.2 million dollars and it looks so I don’t know the kitchen exit all but the layout looks really cool like with the big old tin ceilings and just like every room in some places by the bathrooms for the ugly. Like I don’t do ditto Glee just like the title was ugly and I really like to finish this is Jose. That’s why I don’t live in it though so if I pay for my gosh this is all spray for this one to 2.5 million L mosquito for the table mansion basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And indoor pool in Norwalk I like basketball court nor movie likes it okay this is like 12 party central house. I’m curious like we used to live there or they who built the house. But sometimes you just going to run to look at like the most expensive houses and places just to see like that kind of thing like Mosquito Lake there’s literally nothing for sale really hard like place to get a house on there just because I’m sure it’s kind of like shot after I guess like I can’t even imagine or maybe there might just not be a little houses on a 2 like sometimes I like happens when I stopped but that’s kind of crazy to think about but there was a lake near the months that I used to look at the Little Muskego I think it’s the one that used two houses for sale on sometimes. But sometimes I actually don’t see any there right now so name of on it always have some 2 or something one time but not really sure exactly basement remodeling Milwaukee.