Cuz there’s a bunch last last month there’s like two weeks right wasn’t able to even get 20 basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s only been like there’s only this week did I only get 16 Title 20 line yeah because we start in July. or something I only get 16.  what else you doing now the real she doing estimates just a drop pictures yeah there’s.  no sure she’ll hit the the dog that you hit or would I hit when you like have to do other stuff and I like to get these trying to grind these 4 out quick and four days that’s like to Tamia takes like it takes me longer than it used to but I also don’t like.  I usually need like an hour for four of them I guess maybe just like a flower right now or I’ll try to. do to right now and then my brain will have to recharge I’ll go to the estimate out the two more I was going to call some Realtors today to try to do what I want to try to get to doing that more than just like one day a week yeah I know I know I’m not really doing basement remodeling Milwaukee that so and usually that one..

And usually like when I do them Mackenzie will see me doing and then she’ll do.  but like I I know I have to do those cuz I don’t really care about that get like when they say that so I don’t actually care when they’re not nice to me on the phone it doesn’t matter I’ll never have to talk to me ever again that’s the way I look at it right you’re mean yeah.  to do Realtor right but yeah and then there’s some in there when I’m looking at the treatment hundred list I don’t know who added them after they’ve been there for a while but there’s like just like Builders Like Home Builders you call them or do they do cuz don’t they don’t they build a legacy don’t think buildable such a framework they doing like so nothing’s inside them two bedrooms so let’s put so we’ll just have the concrete to pour the concrete for the basement interesting wouldn’t be bad to work when they’re building a home to work in a basement yeah you have to at least have basement remodeling Milwaukee it covered yeah right who’s that one lady was I yesterday were.

So so I was on no that was mine I think yeah that one was mine that was The one the one lady we just talked to didn’t have a horrible budget 35 pretty good budget but depending on what you’re doing I thought you said 35 like under 3 if she only wanted to face lift her bathrooms we probably do it for like 30 like when you put in like you could do tile you could do you can make it look really nice you make both look super nice you know we could do it we should just do an option like that kind of like do what she wants and I delete this is if we leave it the table make everything look nice I don’t know I guess it’s an idea that she might see that me like you know what I might as well just do that instead we want to just like that we think like just not going to walls is so easy I just hate we just put it in there it’s like do you basement remodeling Milwaukee know what’s in there I don’t know right.  right I don’t think this could be in the wall this could be there could be mice in the wall right to my dad used to have that we used be like downstairs or you just you’re running through the walls and like oh my God that’s horrible I would not be happy with that either oh my God. yeah cuz he’s just feasting it cables dad has a speak stupid.

and I’ve seen and there now in there all snakes she doesn’t know as much as I guess I don’t really they’re not me neither every time does it hurt yeah you feel it but it’s not like oh my God a big a big snake.  my mom had snakes one time I messed with her she saw one in the yard she was gardening freak out right she runs she. was gardening and you know it’s the small stick and I like when on her back she was I don’t think she talked to me for the rest of the day still one of my better pranks to this day no with a bit 1 but you know that’s what my my turtle has a kind of tank or whatever.  all cheese it wasn’t eating probably right oh basement remodeling Milwaukee yeah I’m sure Slither anywhere but how are you sleeping you’re sleeping on a snake snake on a crack in the wall. or the ceiling crack in the basement sump pump Maybe I don’t know. He’s just quiet quietly one of the best catchers ever to be a Hall of Famer.

Right he should be because you 4 catchers let me see words oh true I forget about all those seven-time All-Star go Glover Silver Slugger batting title I mean he’s got for catchers H2 Hummer see their Halo baseball-reference has them like just under like a Hall of Fame like likely basement remodeling Milwaukee Hall of Famer but when you look at average Hall of Fame catchers she almost has set like the same career War wins above replacement he is a better 7 year Peak so I mean his prime was better than most hall of fame catchers similarity scores are similar to Carlton Fisk was in the Hall of Fame yeah yes oh yeah yeah he’s having a great season actually yeah I don’t see you yeah yeah we know for sure I like I don’t like him cuz he’s a cardinal and obviously I had to put key you got to respect how good he is the Run.