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So I was in the store yesterday and I came across a sale sign and it said we beat competitors prices I was in shock I googled everyone and checked prices everywhere then I had to show the manager the competitors price and he commented oh that’s not one of our competitors you see it’s the only ones listed well where are they listed oh we must have the wrong sign up excuse me sir you should honor this price as you are falsely advertising here in a well known public place where people love to shop now I must join a competitor of yours since you cannot honor my price you see basement remodeling milwaukee would never settle for less they always help their customers and that is what people expect going into a business that says on the website and in store that they honor their competitors prices well let me tell you basement remodeling milwaukee will never leave you nor forsake you they will work with you support you and hold your hand until you have it all figured out on your own so lets start now lets look at some prices like paint why is paint so expensive goodness why is food so ridiculously price I would love grocery stores beat their competitors prices like dear black Friday people I need pick n save and aldis to have black Friday deals and all the other grocery stores with carpet them too please consider moms and dads that would be great I know basement remodeling milwaukee they always know when people are in need of a encouragement like okay you see mendards lowes home depot and ace right yes harbor freight I have to take my papa there sometimes holy cows like that is not a lunch date that’s a papas day can you believe my mom she called me at basement remodeling milwaukee and said hows your papa well hes great from what I know I had no clue nobody was home with him why on earth is this man unattended anyways I am sure he could handle life on his own but basement remodeling milwaukee understands he may get into trouble you know basement remodeling milwuakee remodeling milwaukee it’s a great place what was I stating oh yes lets remind ourselves how businesses should compete more and who should they be well we said grocery stores and we agreed yes definitely a grocery store should Walmart has in the past you know what comes to mind those coupon ladies like who has time to make that a business and why do I need a bundle you know what I need a gift card I need some produce I love produce but I also like artificial seasoning basement remodeling milwaukee may know how to cook but im not quit sure never had their home cooked meals I love spaghetti there should be more food coupons like especially for the delivery services why cant uber and grub hub compete or how about pizza joints yea those too lets look into how much food costs and tally up some competitors basement remodeling milwaukee doesn’t do that they just say bring a price show me ill match it and then its matched bam done no questions no bothersome comments like oh we didn’t mean we would match them people like who really knows I use google I use google for feeding my pets like what can a hamster eat or what shouldn’t you feed your dog how long will my dog be sick are hamsters nocturnal this hamster is my friend he cuddles me I hold him and he never pooped on me but I promise you he never sleeps through the night and my husband wants to rid him but he knows I love this rodent like basement remodeling miwlaukee is also a new love you know when they always mean what they say goodness im so upset that my price wasn’t matched like why wasn’t my price matched why did I have to be shoved to the side so now what what do I do now basement remodeling milwaukee knows they will help me they will beat prices even if they don’t know they have competitors I think its always 15% lower too in something they do so that’s nice too deals deals and more deals when you meet with them you will love it who has the best deals I like Walmart and aldis and people really need to fipp before they shop I encourage it I encourage people to continue to be thrifty in this world of fancy you know another thing people who have money put gold in their teeth and wear these bulky chains on their necks and they also add colors to their hair and dress super funny sometimes but hey let each person celebrate their individualism at basement remodeling milwaukee you can celebrate anything including mlk day with donuts I love sprinkled donuts theyre amazing what if donuts and krispy crème had competitors like dunkin donuts oh you know a good deal is that 2-6pm 2.00 latte deal now I need dunkin and collective to be competitors I would love a 2.00 drink any size from collective whats another competitor that would be great together we all know Walmart beats all prices and family dollar too but what about goodwill and platos closet have you been to platos closet don’t bother its terrible they have higher prices than the stores excuse me this hoodie has been used well that all I have for today on competitors enjoy all everyone tune in next week next week we can talk about all sorts of stuff including having a to be continued like the shows now a days start one this week end it next week time is of the essence people they don’t pay millions to see two quarters of a football game on Sunday and the other two on Wednesday that would mess up my entire tv time on weekends I love how football is a family event it’s a media center it’s a gambling game is a life defining moment it’s joy its competition is promotion its motivation its talent its life its lifestyle its marketing its money making its fun its celebratory its competition just like sales are in the remodeling industry contact basement remodeling milwaukee and get your competitors price today