Hello hello I’m trying to get these last couple days I was done basement remodeling Milwaukee. I want to go 84 time for you to do a couple normal 15 minutes get them done it differently than I could have done about 30 minutes a song that I can find that out a little early if you want to. But today just because there’s a font to type you and I know I do too. But I might not have to go to the store to get some stuff for cookies and and is always going to walk around because that’s what we are in charge of to bring for the everything tomorrow.

So we’re going to do that tonight right apply online giving likes up to like make cookies exactly I’ll probably just like it’s tough to like make them and like that kind of thing. So I think such a sickly time-consuming to like make a homemade like chocolate chip cookies especially because like we don’t have like she’s gone for the day can I take out outside I don’t know much about the mail basement but yeah everybody else is out of the office I can give you his number though if you want to give him a call on his cell phone no it’s sounds good no it’s some painter that Joe has been in communication with her something about the mail basement see I don’t know it’s not you guys I could really answer his questions I’m going to be back in just a perfect basement remodeling Milwaukee. So I did that call just cuz it was somebody giving us a call and then I really don’t want you to call her. Face and all the sudden has a cut a bigger person getting a stinking cooler and he wants to spend like an insane ridiculous amount on a cooler that we might use maybe twice a year because we just don’t have a need for a cooler right now and I don’t know where we’re going to start we’re going to put it but for some reason you think that we just need like this massive cooler.

I finally talk tomorrow if you wanted a Yeti and there’s no reason that we need a $500 cooler in our park when we could probably spend the $20 one at Walmart and be perfectly fine because I really need anything fancy. I mean we’re like 22 years old I don’t really see the value in having a $500 cooler for some reason he just thinks it’s so important to have left for the fancy cooler for tomorrow for when we go to the Brewer game with all the family I don’t know if you think that as I see if I’m going to work or they’re going to think that’s 10 times cooler basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Or I have no idea but it’s extremely frustrating so now after work when I just want to sit down and relax now I will be going and getting a cooler at text as well he tried to text because I don’t feel like wasting my gas to go there when I don’t think that it is in need or necessary necessity I will be fine just going to Walmart to get a cooler but no we’re going to go today to get fancy forward but I told him once again I’m not paying more than $30 likes my shares I was 60 our cooler is all we’re going to get and I’m not budging enough because again don’t see a need to buy an extremely expensive cooler I mean I can understand like if you’re like a big fisherman I like an outdoors person like that you go camping or like something I can definitely see the need for like like an ice cold like that are like if you’re constantly like I’m the lake or like I don’t know if you actually going to need that for color like a couple more times a week and like if you have any 4 Clear Lake at least once a week rather than maybe once every other month like the last time that we like where they all shoot we should probably have a cooler was at the beginning of June and we went and got a $10 one at Target that we still have and it’s like a backpack basement remodeling Milwaukee. And I think it works perfectly fine but he doesn’t like it because he says it looks too girly but it’s just like a blue like shoulder backpack because I think that holds that the cooler whatever so if you want something that’s more expensive he can pay for it cuz it’s not like he doesn’t have the money he’s just super stingy with his money and stuff like that but then if I asked if we can I ask this but stuff is kind of actually important news all he always says no because he thinks it’s a waste of money basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Like I asked if we could split the price of like a handheld mixer because I feel like we’re getting into the mixer and I so I assumed once we would want to get wanted to split it and he said no because he’s not so whoever needs it but I am the one who typically needs it cuz I’m making food for the both of us. So that’s always extremely frustrating I forgot to add on the workout. Soylent get a cut like a knife under my words with article. And I’m going to run it I was kind of talking about I already had a title pick up this article to end up now if you can talk about it so I’m just hungry title this one and use the previous title for the next article basement remodeling Milwaukee. Would you like more information? If so, give us a call today! Our team is standing by waiting to answer all your questions.