All right I know I didn’t want to do 6 Right I know what they want to do six of these but I’m definitely going through today just because why not it’ll look like I got that done and I also miss our calling some make something 100 calls and see all those go and if they don’t go great then yeah that point than it is what it is so I sat to get into a rhythm my phone is at 62% I’m still hungry again I know I just had some oatmeal strawberries and cream oatmeal which is pretty good I don’t really see this one I don’t get that it’s really gross McDonald’s is making their own Donuts glazed donut is probably going to be pretty good but.  who’s asking we could see you like 1572 was just another number perfect nothing answer this pixel so far we’re interested in basement remodeling Milwaukee Santa Monica has read a lot of calls on I’ll probably get another I don’t know Dino bone go from there, I know it’s a pretty productive day on the phone but it is what it is when it comes to that.

I’m going  put this holy cow Who’s I didn’t hear anybody who is this at first I didn’t reckon when you said that was like why are you relaxed guy.  I seriously I said did you were you not saying anything oh I didn’t hear anything and then it like I I answer the phone I didn’t hear anything I was like alright okay today all right I’ll column Yeah I’ll let you ought to know what time is.  all right son No problem backspace Builders this is Ryan are you not at the moment okay okay all right you know what I’m right he’s not in the office I can try basement remodeling Milwaukee to transfer you cell phone and then he’ll probably answer then all right sounds good I’ll do it all right so hopefully that work, I got to call Saunders and see where people are not with that. See where we’re at today Saoirse red here I don’t know what that.  hold your urine we’ll go from there I mean see if Joey will answer his phone right now.  you can see where he’s at Hey Joe I called Saunders twice no answer not promising I don’t have his wife’s number either maybe Kyle has it basement remodeling Milwaukee but probably not right yeah so no answer there I mean I tried him a couple times all did you get So I don’t really know what’s happening here I mean I got a bunch of call them at 12 already so this might be the most calls ever made in the day.

We’ll see where we’re at and then go from there so we look at next week Right now is good with me just figuring it out on the way to middle of a nice to go and I told basement remodeling Milwaukee you we had a nice thing going I’m going to see if there’s a black panther is and now a DLC on the new on the Marvel game so that’s pretty exciting but nobody really wants man the really cool sweatshirts tomato soup sweatshirt.  I heard I in here for me and we can for I don’t I’m like last time LeBron and Katie faced off against each other it was it says December it was Christmas Day 2018 so holy cow this is Joe again I don’t understand what’s happened this phone is off the hook Hey Joe send a text Pretty much.

We’re trying very hard we’re trying our hardest all right I’ll send him a text right now yep no problem all right so if we go from there to there to send a text to Robert I tried calling you earlier hurt so we have that number to Go off basement remodeling Milwaukee of Frozen all right so I texted let me see what I said I said well I got to get off of this send a text to 4/8 / look at this one say Robeson running back this building I tried calling earlier that’s text let you know our drywaller will be over soon to take measurements very quick if you have any questions give me basement remodeling Milwaukee a call back whenever I should be a very easy text to figure out all I also forgot I do have that guy coming in on me is going to be calling soon though. His name is Nick Stroud so that’ll be a nice I’m so we’ll see what happens there I mean I did tell him I was going to be in the office so and then this is a sugar-free energy drink there’s a lot going on so much B12 where is see what’s 2 fighter has going on if you look at this text uses laugh anyway I really understand what his deal is on that’s funny but why do I look he says he’s a tee shot every two weeks I don’t even know what that means.

We’re not talking tee shot of.  but it’s pretty funny basement remodeling Milwaukee when you see font wallpapers blue see I don’t know even that means but I might like to see what the wallpapers are well that is a ton of trillion supposed to what 2 trillion that’s insane that’s a ridiculous amount of money what see what happened here see what happens on with this one has a job search going each need to Yellow really get that one I mean I first met a very low alone that’s pretty stressful film if we’re being honest, I know lot of people talk about the 27 hours and we’ll be but if we’re being honest we can always just go with the with the tried-and-true buried movie Just because the guy obviously that would take a lot of stress from there. Give us a call today for more information!