All right Okay so I just have one more left on my mom looks up basement remodeling ideas this one looks like it has a hole basement remodeling Milwaukee decrease the break of an A-frame that out to make it another a little movie. A little theater room cuz I got the projector screen and passing I’m just projecting on the wall which is pretty cool.  over than if you look at the something that is look at them people want all these really cool ideas and then pay the money they don’t want to do anymore so it’s carpet but speak everything looks good with your stuff getting on Molly beautiful 24 door basement remodeling Milwaukee flipper I really don’t know who would sell that it would sell its high-cost something it’s way more expensive which also saw fat ceilings that.  look at this one they did a really good job of hiding the post I’m making it kind of like a little walkway Pedro you’re more than welcome.

I will slap this one if you look at the The Barn Door when we can keep going through this does a really good job. Kayla. Don’t ya we’ve definitely done that we definitely gone to bed with her keys sitting in the door yeah we open the door like all their there all night outside the door yeah that was let’s go you have it on you oh okay I have my keys in my pocket how to make sure the phone wallet keys check I still do the thing where I keep all my windows wide open all four windows and I lock my car door Florida.  so I think oh really your car I do that sometimes I do it I mean I don’t keep anything like our that somebody would want to steal anyway the only thing I have is like a radio adapter for that things like 10 bucks so.  oh yeah people yeah people still do those are expensive I do have basement remodeling Milwaukee a watch in my car and I’ll just chilling so I could what’s like the Garmin watch so it’s like 125 it’s like a hundred twenty five bucks a cheap watch yeah it’s it’s basically like it’s basically more updated than a Fitbit but not as in tune is a Apple watch so a describe it annoying I think they are a waste of money yeah I don’t really know what it was like from what I seen most people don’t use them to light their full capabilities coz you can do a bunch of cool stuff on them and then it’s worth it but like I know why did they just use it to text it’s like well we never found word 324 Fort basement remodeling Milwaukee Wayne your pocket.

I mean it’s really good apple watches are really cool for why things like like working out and stuff you can do a lot of cool stuff sleep patterns things like that highlight my idea on airpods okay how about I like airpods but they’re also pretty overpriced for with the actual sound quality I have some see I like them for the gym but then again like the sound quality you get it’s the same as the ones with a cord add bones right you just have no strength there’s Bluetooth and I mean right I mean it.  I got I mean people right be cool right never I’ll go home I really don’t even work out.  and then I get the none like you know when you work how you can breathe a little bit and I’ll get like super self-conscious when I breathe Winchester not be loud but some people are super . What’s mine yours probably does if you like open your door and your keys were in it basement remodeling Milwaukee really see my automatic lights would you probably do definitely have automatic lights yeah I like your car my car I can pass while my car is fine but it’s nothing nothing crazy Play my mantra for cars my whole life.  I’ll drive those things till they can’t drive anymore like that the yellow car I had that thing was I was I was getting lucky every time I died yeah right and you’re not like keeping up on it but then.  right I wouldn’t think so all.

Right they’re gone I’ve never been in a car when it did that so there was actually something wrong with the leaking oil or Oils leaking in places where Center of South had that 2 in a car and it makes your basement remodeling Milwaukee oil go really low I’ve never been to the car when that happens really cool just price crying so loud really yeah could you smell destroyed your engine doing that probably yeah if you drive your car when the oil destroy it oh wow right yeah just leave it there would you do are you dead.  yeah dude that sucks yeah cuz I know if you drive your car without yielded the engine will destroy cuz I that stuff.

Happened my car Smokes on time cuz it’s all the coolant leak title coolant leaking basement remodeling Milwaukee so all the sudden I was driving and my lights every light when I went in The Voice and I know it’s a different car that I had before the yellow car so I pulled over on that one and Smokey said the only thing the reason so this is a good tip to know if your car is like no coolant is if you’re in the winter in your car is not heating up isn’t working so my car was not heating up.  oh yeah I got sent to me I just forward it to info car won’t heat up 49 minutes and then I was like oh my God my car overheat.  so bad. We were so excited that it would a really cool sweatshirt. That is what i was thinking when it came to a sweatshirt.