Are we pretty much let me see my brother set up we I guess have light come on when past 8 tomorrow I want to stay at the cabin you can I have to poo poo make a boom boom right now see word.basement remodeling Milwaukee Yeah so I pretty much just had to go to the bathroom that was a pretty good bathroom break was good 10 minutes or so let’s see there’s if they want to add a bathroom in the basement so we’ll see how that goes I got to be done for the project Urban startedI definitely forgot to ask one of our workers to fill out their W-4 forms that’s on me but other than that there’s a little bit’s couple sips left in here I really don’t like a I don’t know what a push-pull arm. split is if you push legs pull Flags push legs pull legs arms yeah I’m going to do a push poll arms split just because I think I’m all my arms a little bit bigger I think I want him to go but more to find and you know is about September October you know we got some basement remodeling Milwaukee Blue October will have like 2 months.

So we’re not Blake really great down and get get it done try to get this last little bit of fat off I know it’s probably not going to work but will keep and once we hit maintenance what happenedI want to hit maintenance calories I’m going to play at the maintenance I’m going to want to you know stay on that for so long before after pictures I’m going to do a whole thing about it.  it, it, and it, and they from go from there we’re going to just going to see what happens you know when I know I’m not like cut out of my mind but definitely a lot better shape than it was before I’m definitely way skinnier of you have lost so much so many inches off my waist is kind of ridiculous how many inches of lost definitely skinny guy now starting to get like in on my way to be caught but right now I’m just going to stay.

Which is fine guy, basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s nothing the see all sticking out pretty good so and it’s good to see where I’m at now and good to see you with different clothes fitting differently so I. definitely am starting to lose.  some. start to lose start to lose my start to Lose My Soul kind duffle protein thing is definitely not the protein I’m just not getting enough because I’m kind of scared to drink protein shake I don’t really drink those so I do need like I’m probably not to get some frozen fruit delivered is Greek yogurt it will protein in there at the Greek yogurt picking at each other I’ll get some ice I know everything else from there so work out I just I want to get a blender I don’t know how much they cost and you’d like a I don’t know I feel like I need to go 16 on splendor can I have a protein shake I’m going to need insert proteins are going to hurt my stomach protein substitutes I mean I got beef jerky have early in that yet but I mean we’ll get there excited about my parents I’m right now I know I’m really struggling with that so I definitely need to get better at just accepting the way.

I by know women expectations for myself can I go from there so we looked here will see that we’re going back to it I don’t they’re saying a casting director for a bar stool you can say you costway deal basement remodeling Milwaukee use other people’s money oh my God I do like to hear I don’t know what the Stu feiner thing is I don’t know who this guy is but also needs just like an electric he’s just so funny to watch him I know he was an Islander fan and that’s kind of what I was you know excited about.  look at what we up today I’m definitely into my dream when on your calls in about noon. and then just go from there you know it’s the one he leaves at 11:30 the weekly labor a job she’s working see when basement remodeling Milwaukee she actually has to do something that’s not just sit here and do s u.  or I want to see if the 6 can get done the way that I didn’t really think they can but try to get 3 done here I got nothing else to do but to do the fourth one so we’re just going to try. to get these words out I know it’s taking me a little bit but on my basement remodeling Milwaukee way to light doing forward today we’ll see if we can get the five we’re going to do that and then we’re going to do the I really got nothing else to do today so I’m going to try to get these done but we can get these treatments and your calls telling it. It kind of go from there all my other other than that there’s not much to think about, I definitely want to get a couple of them on the schedule for my manager just to give me a call even a little one that you called didn’t answer.

Then answer how ever would the IIt’s one of those things that like if you’re not going to even follow up with the guy that I got a meeting. with then what are we even really doing this for because they still haven’t given us a lead I know it’s supposed to be like the long game but I mean they’re just not really worth it to me I know the calls it that’s all that matters I could just keep putting calls on the list and see what happens but nobody really wants to do that cuz you know you kind of get shot down you have to send a bunch of emails and I really don’t basement remodeling Milwaukee feel like doing that hi good morning thank you.