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Ha this is one of the greatest questions anyone has ever asked me these days as I ponder the thoughts of why people use what they do I remember basement remodeling milwaukee now these people only expect their best and do their best and will always stay on a path to continue to do their best I love basement remodeling milwaukee they always manage when forks are thrown right into the middle of their roads and when I say literraly thrown in the road I mean forks like big ones the ones you use when cutting ham and turkey that kind of fork in the road so lets talk about what I expected then see what other may have expected I know yesterday I read quit a few reviews that encouraged others to check out basement remodeling milwaukee to expect a great level of communication don’t you want that with your projects I mean some stange peeps are going to be in your house oh and please expect them to be wearing their shoes through your entire house and be courteous and buy soft toilet paper because unless your purchasing an out house they will use your toilet for la caca and crusty paper can be painful at times so I expect customers to be courteous is that unrealistic well yes it is nt everyone can define courtesy and im sure few people can hand out a synonym for respect so theres that going on in society too at top basement remodeling milwaukee we don’t do that we respect the difference and continue with the joys of serving people with difference I love it now as I mentioned earlier what on earth did I expect when using basement remodeling milwaukee well I expected kindness and understanding you know being a momma of two totally different children isn’t easy its hard some days and by the end of the day my hair sometimes sticks out all over around my face then like a placed my finger in a socket jesus when your not paying attention to the notes you wrote yourself kids are off school and you realize it’s a holiday and you may be late to work but you push through hoping for a blessed traffic free highway and then you have time to get donuts I love working for basement remodeling milwaukee I never feel stressed out I don’t have to remember a gazillion codes to get in my computer spend ten minutes to log in nor do I have to fake a smile during my day of customer service I can have a grumpy day verbalize it and motivate to move on in a much happier place I am so excited but did I expect the change to be a blessed change when I say blessed I mean a god send like angels dancing in celestial beats on my behalf waiting two years to have a space to work has been a real struggle its hard in this work field but basement remodeling milwaukee has been gifted they have helped me they have been a positive influence on all of us and its been great the whole family jam thing is super cool every family is different every family experiences change but we all mash together and it makes our world bright I cannot tell you how many times I have jammed out to some great music at basement remodeling milwaukee and have been interrupted by these people they call yoga gowers you know that my be a great expectation to find a place to work out that has a warm pool I love to swim however it definitely doesn’t show but you know what I love more being a mom that shows up to gymnastics and manages ministry as her baby boy is exploring in scouts it’s the greatest feeling ever at basement remodeling milwaukee they expect people to feel comfortable in their work space I enjoy their kindness and their joy some people no longer have an appreciation for family and time spent together nor do they enjoy the laughter and dinner together I must say im lazy to pull out my table so one of us does prefer the tv time in the front room while the others are at the table it’s a great time to share stories and encourage one another do you know at basement remodeling milwuakee they too prioritize family and the time spent together like who does that I have watched all people watch all this reality stuff dads becoming moms and moms becoming dads like kids aren’t confused these days lets just add on change in hormones at basement remodeling milwaukee every ones pronoun choice is clear and respected I love that I can expect to come to work and every one is happy with themselves yes another thing the fact that we all jive together basement remodeling milwaukee understand a ton their family and priorities are logical their expectations are common sense and the best you don’t have to have a phd to know what youre doing the owners are supportive and can help you through any struggle I love basement remodeling milwaukee I had no idea I would be so happy working ever in my life I felt all hope was gone but then I remembered he treats us all equal and what he does for one he will do for another it says so so I jammed on that thought I prayed on that thought I argued that statement and I got the victory always know that the standards you set and the expectations you have are never too much they are everything you need and want so don’t think twice don’t cut yourself short nor should you ever put your faith in yourself or others to ever provide you with happiness or ever provide you with the necessities of life always know that your higher power is the one who will make sure you have all your remodeling needs met.