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Hello everyone, I am back again talking about game rooms., but first I hope everyone is having a good week. It is Thursday and the week is almost over, and we have a lot of exciting things going on her at basement remodeling milwaukee but I do want to take the time to let everyone know it is the first day of October and it is not off to a great start it is raining outside right now the feeling not great but we are going to have a good day regardless of the weather outside. Another great thing to realize this year is another month closer to being over, with everything that has been happening in society this year with covid it will be the start of a new year in no time. But we are not here to talk about the year in general, but we are here to discuss game rooms and the different types of game rooms families should really consider thinking about making. Let us start with obvious game rooms are not for everyone’s family but they do add excitement, good competition, and a family bonding event. Some rooms can go a little overboard when it comes to game room. For example you first have to picture a carnival arcade room, have you done it? Great, Now picture that being your basement you have the game how hard can you hit you have your little arcade games of pac-man. So this is only just one option, there are so many more. So lets talk about your family first, is your family the kind of family that plays video games and watches the games every Sunday, or are you the family that likes the games like pool and ping pong, poker or even board games. You might be all of these well there are many options out there for every family and there personality, basement remodeling milwaukee loves these kind of rooms regardless of your style and nature. But we will go over in detail of some rooms that are just being made more often than not. So let us dive on in here you first have a man cave which has been brought up a lot when doing remodels due to the guys wanting there own room that is decorated all in sports and games. I will give you a picture of this type of room, First it is around twelve hundred square feet, so it is a big room. Then next think it as a darkish room with a lot of lights on the ceiling, then create in our mind a big wall that is where the seventy two inch television goes. Then on each side of the television you have a jersey of the college that he use to go. Then you have the game systems of there given choice. Then to the right of the room where you then have the bar that they want to hold all their drinks and snacks for when game time comes every Sunday. After the bar comes the furniture that’s in the room depending on the person do the like a nice a little couch and chair, or are they the person that has the big couch that can seat nine or ten people on it lets say for the the picture its huge couch that can fit multiple people on it. After that it is time to pick the color of the room and it is a grayish black to match the ceiling. So now that we have most of the room done time to add a few fillers to the room like adding a shuffle board and a foosball table. And then you add a table in front of the couch to hold your drinks and snacks. So, with this picture did it give you a representation of what a game room and man cave look like. Well basement remodeling milwaukee loves these types of projects its our passion its fun its entertaining for us to do these type of projects. The next one that is just as interesting but wont be going into complete detail is that you have two rooms that are connected to each other that has a view of a beautiful lake. Now in one of these rooms you have a television with an game system and two gaming chairs to go with it and the television is mounted to the wall and table with the system and games on it below the television. You have your coffee table between the two chairs for your drinks and snacks. The other room has a foosball, pool table, and air hockey table in it spread out with the view of the beautiful lake in the background. Then you have the color of all the tables the same as the color of the walls and the floor which is a grayish white to complement the rooms you have the chairs are a black darker gray to add complement color scheme. Now as you have been reading this you have some idea of what a game rooms and man caves can be, there really is no right or wrong type of room it is what ever your family like and see that would make a great fit for your personality. Not one person has the same type of vision of what the room should or should not look like. But basement remodeling milwaukee helps create that vision of what you want. Whether it is man cave to complement your decorations of football and basket trophies and jersey’s great we do it all or if it is to create a different type of room we work on it. Basement remodeling has a lot of experience with doing basements and creating the rooms that our clients want we have a passion for doing game rooms and everything in the basement because it becomes a fun interesting project due to that everyone has a different vision of what they want the basement to look like, the next time you have a remodel project that you want a man cave or a game room for those Sunday games give basement remodeling milwaukee a call and we will be more glad to help.