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Good Afternoon Everyone! I hope everyone is having a great week, after all it is Friday and its almost quitting time. It has been one great week for us here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we are getting our clients projects done working hard our guys worked amazing this past week and I don’t know if its going to stop hopefully it doesn’t with us adding two new crew members to our teams its only getting better especially since they are both starting next week. Extremely exciting things are happening here for us and just talking about it is getting me even more excited for things to come. But I also want to say that I do hope everyone has a great weekend and is staying safe out there. Especially with everything that is going throughout the world today. But were are not here to talk about that but we are here to discuss cabinetry and different types of things you can do with them as well as some different ideas to keep in mind for the future if or when you decide to do a remodel you have all of your options open and can fully understand and grasp the different ideas you can do. First of is lets take a look at kitchen cabinetry and things you can do we have a client right now that has change their minds a couple of times now about what they want to do with their kitchen and there is nothing wrong with that at all we here at basement remodeling milwaukee want our clients to be happy with the designs that so we can help create their vision, however, it got me thinking about all the things that are possible to do with your cabinetry. You first can choose the different style that each of them look like and the ways that they all open, then you have the many different styles of cabinetry and what I mean by that is that are they cabinets drawers or are they doors do you have one style that open like doors then drawers then doors again or do you go with all doors or all drawers. Then you have the pantry size cabinets what do they look like do they have drawers at the bottom and two doors on top or do they have drawers in the cabinet and you have to pen the doors first. Then we get in to even more ideas do cabinets pull out like drawer and have stuff on certain levels of the pull of cabinet. So some more ideas are now where to put them do fit in the wall so that nothing is out in the open or do you go with the cabinets that are in open and out from the wall or even are the pull out cabinets from the wall these are just some ideas that you can do. But the biggest question after all that is taken care of is the color and style that cabinets come in do you go with a dark oak kind of like a coffee color, or do you go completely white and stainless steel color all over the kitchen because lets face it everything inch of the kitchen should match together right. There are literally hundred of choices you could make and it all depends on the company you use because one color with one company might be different form the same color of a different company a prime example of this is paint and the different types of paint that they use like behr ppg or even Sherwin Williams they might have the same name thinking that the its all going to be the same but it really isn’t due to the fact they use different material and solutions when combining their paints that the other companies do so what I mean by this a blue for all of the companies might have a blue that is lighter or even darker than the other company. However here at basement remodeling milwaukee we help with the decision to create less. So lets talk about bathroom cabinetry now these can be the same cabinets but there are more regulations and things due to the fact most people house have smaller bathrooms compared to kitchen meaning the kitchen is the bigger room most of the time maybe not always for some people though however the are certain requirements that come with a bathroom due to the fact there needs to be room for a toilet and then a shower if the family want one we were at a house a few weeks ago and they had a small bathroom that the owner want to add a cabinet and vanity but the room was very small and they were trying to keep it on a tight budget meaning it could happen the way she wanted it to but it would have cost to much, the real meaning is anything is possible but it cost money and this time is no different but we ended up helping her have a few different ideas because we do that at basement remodeling milwaukee try to explain what can be done for tighter budget than others. We help show them ideas of can happen and what wont work and help them understand the regulations of up to date codes for the electrical aspect as well as the plumbing aspect of things because lets face it the code have definitely change over the last hundred years they house are built the same and people need to know to pass inspections some times things need to be updated unfortunately but here at basement remodeling milwaukee we take care of that for you and help you understand that and even work with you on that so when the project is done everything will pass inspection and what I mean in that that is included with our estimates that we give which are free so for your next remodel project give basement remodeling milwaukee a call.