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Hey there! I hope everyone is having a great day on this beautiful Thursday afternoon. We know we are here at basement remodeling milwaukee a lot of things are now happening and things are just looking brighter for us here. To top it off its almost closing time! We here have signed a few new contracts to start for this year and a lot more prospect that look like were going to be having some fun with we are attacking the leads that come in like crazy and making appoints left and right because everyone one needs a change in there homes right now. Because everyone was staring at the same thing for months on end due to covid lockdown order. Regardless of how anyone feels business is been doing real well. Then to top off this great week its almost Friday I know a lot of people have some plans this weekend and I ma no different, I am really looking forward to my weekend its going to be filled with baseball all weekend long. I have had the pleasure of being invited to a team that is playing a in big tournament in new berlin this year and the guys on the team are great and it should be a fun weekend of baseball. But we aren’t here to talk about that but we are here to discuss design basements. Well lets start with obvious fact there are million different designs out there now a days. Well that is out of the way lets dive on in. Yes there are millions of different possibilities to designing a basement plain and simple but it all comes down to what that family wants. This is where we basement remodeling milwaukee come in, we help narrow the possibilities down to a few. How we do this is through initial meetings and long discussions over the coming weeks after meeting. We discuss thing they would like in there basement and ideas they think would look great. We are there to please meaning that we turn their vision into a reality. But here is how it all starts, it starts with a phone call about the project creating a meeting, then at the initial meeting we take measurements and layout of the basement to create an idea of what the basement dimensions are. After that is when discuss the vision of what the home owner the family would like. Then after that we have the proposal which is a contract between the family and us. So then at this point we go into details on what is going to happen throughout the process of the remodel. During this time we help the families understand how this is going to work we give them tools to help them decide on certain aspects of the basement like the color, flooring, bar no bar, home theater or no, walk in shower or install shower, bathroom no bathroom. There are a lot of details but we sit down with you and make sure you have a schedule of the work that will be done. Because this is all part of designing a basement. However, basement remodeling milwaukee helps through the whole process creating and designing the basement. We here care for all of our clients and want them to be satisfied with the end result. Another way we do this here is we work with many different companies in the local area to give you more options on what to do with the basement. Here so now lets talk about things that can be done. We first have the flooring when talking about flooring you have many different options that can be done you can a section that has carpet the another that is hardwood floor the possibilities are almost endless, not even to mention what the furniture you add to each section. Next you have the walls, well hate to say it again but you have a lot of options to drywall to the colors that are picked, not to mention if one family decides to have a bar made out of stone are you going to create a wall behind it made out of stone or paint it. You see where this is going to many options to choose from, well you are right there are too many options to choose from but it also depends on who you hire to complete the job because that matters as well. The contractor the family hires to do the job makes all the difference in the world on creating opportunities to creating endless problems. Some contractors don’t care about the vision they care about the job getting done, as well as if they are getting paid now there’s not a lot of like that but there are some, you also have to watch out for the ones that aren’t there for you and your family. That is the first sign because you know if they do not care about creating your vision that your family has for the home then you are not going to feel satisfied when the job is done. Basement remodeling milwaukee makes sure we don’t create problems but we make sure there are lot of opportunities to get the design right by giving you references and companies we personally work with to create the design that fits your family the most. So, the next important step making sure that you do pick the right contractor for the job making sure that they are there for your needs and not their own. Making sure that they want to execute your vision in designing a great looking basement because at the end of the day it is not their basement it yours and design one takes a lot of work and skill meaning that it is not just all on the contractor but it is also on you the family the homeowner to communicate with the contractor regardless to make sure your vision is done correctly and in order to do that give basement remodeling milwaukee a call to help with all your remodeling basement needs.