Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Floors Been Sinking?

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Hello there, I am hoping everyone had a great weekend of nice weather, maybe one of the last nice weekends we will have for a while. Did everyone go out for a nice hike or walk anywhere if no worries if you did not. we here at basement remodeling milwaukee all enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend I was outside all weekend enjoy it with some great group of friends. We had a blast this weekend because we were at a softball tournament enjoying the weather supporting a great cause for our soldiers. However, we are not here to talk about my weekend even though I could go on and on about what a blast it was. I will tell you we are here to discuss counter tops yet again because last week we had a client want something is really interesting. It is called a waterfall some say and what this is it is the same material as the countertop and it drops to the floor continuing the counter top down towards the floor. Now, why is this the topic of the day for me well its not a common thing to see these days because it can become extremely expensive real fast due to it being the same materials as the countertop of choice. As I say its not that common to see because it does mean you are using a lot of material that the countertop is but the reason it and one of the more important aspects is how much they weigh it’s a ton not literally but there are really heavy due to the material that each countertop is made out of. So, the question that remains is how do you hold all that wight up and support it. Well, it is not easy I can tell you that because then it comes with a lot of specialty items that are required to make it look nice underneath the countertop. Now, you can go to google, houzz or any other home remodeler site and look at what these looks like, there are very nice and unique. Another topic for another day is how you can put the same material on the wall behind cabinets and appliances, because you can do the same thing which is remarkably interesting. However, we are talking about the waterfalls today on how to we are able to make them stand up, how they look compared to other islands and regular cabinets. So, recently we have gotten a client who has this huge kitchen remodel the is going to look great regardless of a waterfall being  added or not, but the waterfall makes the basement remodeling milwaukee kitchen pop a little more than it would without it. They are very nice family that just open some of our eyes to what can be done for designs. A big part of having a waterfall with your countertop is it is very heavy and needs support underneath it so it does not snap or break in half. So the problem then comes to how to support that, well there are many different options and that comes with many different designs. Lets start with you do have to pick the type countertop you want quartz, granite, or some kind of stone. Then comes where are you putting the counter top is going to run on the side of the wall or is it on an island in the middle of the kitchen, are you adding a peninsula to the kitchen counters. These are all question you have to ask when deciding to have a waterfall countertop, the next questions is where is the waterfall going is going to be on the peninsula that comes out of the wall, is it going to be on the island in the middle of the kitchen. So once it is decided then the matter comes well what should we put under it to keep it sturdy and not fall. Some options are cabinetry having cabinets helps keep the countertops from falling the matter only is to get the cabinets to match the countertop that was decided on. The cool thing that comes when having a waterfall to the kitchen is that it add to the design of the kitchen you can have an island and have it on two sides or even three sides and have it like are to sit on the fourth side to create room in the kitchen to hang out while cooking and extra places to sit. At basement remodeling milwaukee we sit down with clients and give them ideas to help create there vision the way they want to come out to life now most importantly we help create this with our experience our expertise of doing this for years and have made a lot of clients and families happy with the work that we have done. Now, we haven’t done many waterfalls because the price on then get up there due to how expensive stone is these days, however, we are more than up to the challenge that brings and comes wit hcreating a great kitchen that has a waterfall countertop in it whether it is on the island or even when it comes with a peninsula out from the wall we are here every step of the way for our clients no matter the design the challenge that each of them bring to us. Basement remodeling milwaukee helps every step and strives to be better than they were the day before as well as to grow and grow because we want to help everyone we can whether it is a kitchen remodel that needs to add a peninsula, with new cabinetry to a basement remodel that needs all new flooring, ceiling, walls to adding bars down in the basement we can do everything that needs to be done when it comes to a remodel because basement remodeling milwaukee does it all to make sure our clients are happy and satisfied when the job is done we want to make sure that it is the vision that they envisioned.