We have this one I don’t know why my voice is recording but it is whatever on there’s also be Dinner’s Done is kind of a guy is like a top defenseman Hue beyond the first line for the Maple Leafs it looks basement remodeling Milwaukee like or feel like I need.  on young right, guy I only have an oral player now that guy for the Maple Leafs Alexander kerfoot I don’t really know much about that guy but it is what it is. Braden holtby from the cock is kind of a big name hard to believe hope he’s only 31 I guess he’s and then there’s Brendan Dylan’s from the capitals to become an exciting player he’s a pretty good defensive.  there’s all these players like it’s kind of like a doing the Mellow basement remodeling Milwaukee would be Winnipeg Jets Defender and I can keep you select for the shirts that’s it for the shirts whatever I was trying to say there’s more players here but that’s the only want one where there’s like I want to see what were the start taking big names cuz I be more exciting I mean but nobody really knows what’s going to happen especially with Carey Price will be something really cool and I just don’t think they’ll do that speak in the dark see if they’ll hate him flee again there.

See the ones that are pretty much the same see Tyler pitlick has a new guy he’s a right winger not a big expensive player but you basement remodeling Milwaukee know pretty average he’s the same in that one so looks like that’s where people are going and then go this my being redirected to I don’t know what it is Giordano will be a guy speak being I don’t know what that is but it is what it is see tell me to hand will be a good one as opposed to what we are getting.  next season of 1 Landstar this week said the Avalanche are going to get rid of I guess I kind of cough could be a franchise player because he is a free agent and they can pick him and then just I don’t do whatever deal they want see I do believe that he could be one of those guys could be like that I’m wrong play right away I don’t know who this guy is from it starts but that’s what the same one that had before Trooper stature was another one that they could have from the Red Wings probably bounce in those who toil others are thinking they’re going to get no 23 sub you could pick out like that one Chris Traeger New Beginnings maybe give up Brendan Lemieux.

Lemieux, there’s not much go  kept careful want to see the bad I think Rosie played for that I know Canadians may give a fillip to know who’s a really basement remodeling Milwaukee fast on to a center I want to next Friday’s Drive which is I forgot that we just got that guy and then there’s couch and crock for the Predators Johansson Nick Merkley yeah I guess you could do PK Subban from the devil’s but I don’t really think you’re going to do that make purple you would be a nice song don’t be so they could do. Bailey 4 the Islanders on this is where they said they’re going to want people to be.  the scorer I’m supposed to have the nurse could row I don’t know much about him for the Rangers how do I send her to think that enough but I see a brother up to your knees and What you’re going to look better than the LG VR.

Brandon tanev new music Friday Louis Blues down the table guys got a lot of potentially good defensive player that’s where I would probably go with the pool to Tarasenko delete Gambrell again from the sharks see Tampa Bay Johnny gourd which on for them would be a very good pic I think he’s a good player another one Umbreon Hopi again with the Olympic speak up go see him you know join the crack in the beaver 2 player events are out of the others Monica players I could be going add a code on that one if we could do this one too and basement remodeling Milwaukee see if there’s a similar pics see this team really want some to get like some pretty big names right this again of exciting team see the team that they came together what they have a really big on the see Andre case we can put Carey Price would be huge I don’t really think of.

I incredible, a few days how the gardener is the guy that they basement remodeling Milwaukee said they’re going to pick up from the Hurricanes which like Jake Gardiner first time with Maple Leafs got the spiritual Gardner got the sphere and Superman which would be a pretty good back line to start in there while Richard Panik is a guy apparently they want them to get Jonathan Quick to which if I had undo that Tina has good defense could go leave but you know they’re going to need guys I guess they have a guy that could score light grey here they got Jason Zucker we should be to pick there in a week and I’m scoring and other than that though you know Kyra the guy that they get out there Carey Price I don’t really think that dropping quick I really know what’s going on with him I mean I have no idea how good you anymore but I still want him on my team I know he used to be really good and he’s a basement remodeling Milwaukee lot older now I’m just kind of exciting to see him go to 10 Cup winner let’s see what he did last year in 22 games 898 he hasn’t been really that great since 2017-2018 use very good that year ago that he was always like a top goalie equality start percentages has gone down and down since all the other things have happened so there’s that.