Testing testing testing perfect. So I am on to my last CEO of the day. I’m pretty excited about that because it’s not that I really like doing these are the kinds are not super hard for me to do. She was like finding stuff to talk about the second sometimes we little bit difficult just because I feel like a kind of table with the same thing over and over again I just put in for title on top of that article but either way if you could to nowhere to go anyways basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And I feel like every time I find different of it just to talk about. check out cuz I wasn’t talking about your pictures I feel like that’s at least a little bit different. I don’t didn’t talk a lot about likes it like it was your property. Just because like I might have a cell like not going to the ocean all that often. They have come few times. So I have seen like what some Oceanside properties look like. I feel like we also have been to Gulf Shores Alabama and Myrtle Beach. I fill this out with a great sense of what details would look like. But I feel like all the ones I’ve seen are like super bright. The Gulf Shores a lot of them are all except right blue bright pink bright green break yellow kind of look. I think that that looks really like beaches and Coastal but at the same time I don’t think that I would personally want to live it like a bright pink house but that’s just my personal opinion. To look on Google Images to the right here you can try to do that but I can obviously because I Googled iPhone image that represents I was talking about basement remodeling Milwaukee.

It looks bright teal below. And they all these houses are like built on stilts as well because like if there is a hurricane or something in the water just brushed under the house instead of taking the whole house down with him. Answer the phone about like still if it’s got like a garage you can see at the bottom of the way then you got to walk up this week or just here case. To the top of the house. And it’s sad that break blue loved with all the white railing I think it looks super beach and everything I call it love. I don’t think I would really want to know that myself but I think you would have gone to stay in it for a rental property. And then I’m looking at smaller houses in the right. so another PG cells that I’m looking at right now is more modern look. But like I said I would say that’s still too basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But you can tell that it is put it up higher. I’m assuming the bottom bottom floor is it called garage. The rest of the house from the water. Because again you have to walk up with a huge set of stairs to get to the front door then go to touch with a safety precautions and all that kind of thing. Like there’s also a lot of really Mar beach houses that I’m looking at. Like the pictures. I feel like either way you’re like there for like to experience and not just like what the status of the house look like. I stayed in the house in Gulf Shores that was who’s older of you sleep like it wasn’t like Super Bowl that would say. It’s very that I find a lot of houses on there a super summit circle. So you walk in this house. Like I was at the kitchen dining room living room area when I put that in future it’s the last there was like a small hallway that had two bedrooms and a bathroom and if you were to turn right it was the same thing 2 but adds and one bath. All 11 the living room Berry other was spiral staircase the one upstairs and it had like a whole like little all La Feria that was a goal of your group basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And so super cool houses right on the beach and we have beach access and we could just get like walk out the door and go hang out down there. Clear thought a lot of stuff through. Like at the bottom of the deck they have taken a shower head that you could turn on to wash the sand off of your feet. I think that’s super smart because only you’re not drinking staying throughout the entire house. Which of the select cooking for people to clean like when you like leave the rental if they have to clean it for the next renters. I do like that just a really good I think smart solution I would say. I love looking at the interior Legos like these beach home basement remodeling Milwaukee. There’s not too many pictures and I’m saying loud with the exterior but the one interior one that I found that has like a blue and white striped rug can dogs eat pear look like a white wall and just look very natural colored like the furniture. I think that brings in a lot of I also didn’t like going like I was like Myrtle Beach when we stay there. We stayed at it was kind of like a resort I guess you could say there was like a big Resort by the ocean and Billy behind the resort with a lot of houses and condos. And so we stayed in one of the condos that we found that Airbnb. There was difficult because it was still connected to the resort we still had our own space separate from the resort. So if we were able to share all of the pools and the amenities and like the exit to the beach but we also weren’t like in hotel rooms Crawford basement remodeling Milwaukee.