Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Hoading Spaces Cleared Out Here!

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Hello, everyone hope everyone had an amazing long labor day weekend sorry if some of you had to work on Monday, I know not everyone gets off on Labor day I know my brother has school every labor day at the university he goes so I do feel for those that have to work however, we aren’t here to discuss labor day weekend which was a nice relaxing weekend for a lot of people filled with excitement for others like us here at basement remodeling milwaukee, but we are here to discuss the topic of carpet or tiling and vinyl we will discuss the differences different types of each and let you decide which one. So first has delt with hundreds decisions on whether to put carpet down use tile or vinyl well lets start with carpet there are many, many uses for carpet as well as choices to choose from. There are many choices because carpet can range from a simple tan color carpet that fits the size of the room to a bright neon red color depending if you like that or not well there are literally thousands of options to choose from and this is where tile comes into this as well, so realistically we are going back and switch the focus to tiling. Lets start with what is tile well it is a hard surface that goes on the floor or even walls and even ceiling every now and then but it is not just one piece of hard surface it many surfaces put together to make the floor pattern or even picture at certain times even hard wood floor is part tile basement remodeling milwaukee we help educate the differences to our clients and make sure we tell them what we think is the most logical because a lot of different factors come into play when pick out the flooring of the project or remodel for example does your basement flood yes well maybe we shouldn’t do carpet then because you would be needing to get it all redone every time it rain so to speak and this just speaking if we don’t water proof the area which we do recommend to our clients if necessary that way it is still lessen the chance of needing to replace the flooring again. But once again there are thousands of different choices you can choose from each major store that holds flooring will have all the popular options but there are many, many more than what is shown so lets take a look at some specifics of tile most bathrooms have tile so which is another exception to the situations and where your project starts but at basement remodeling milwaukee we try to help everyone stay in an affordable range and for that is being honest with them about situations and what could happen yes sometimes prices might be a little higher than you want but when option spend a little more now save down the line so it doesn’t ruin the end product just a few months down the line its better to spend a little more now and save in the future. Well lets look at the different types tile you have the polished granite which looks exactly like granite the type of rock a lot of people like to match what there countertops looks like so everything is matching then you have the other type marble which looks like marble rock, then we get into all different kinds of tile that looks like stones, ceramic, designed tile some porcelain, crystal galls tiles so you can see there are many different types of tile and that includes hardwood floor which brings me to then say you can get a plain tile and put carpet over it which brings us back full circle and discussing carpet and what different kinds of carpet there are like at basement remodeling milwaukee we do discuss this as a viable option when and say maybe do tile and put rugs and mats over the tile to give it a more custom look of ones own doing tile save the carpet from need to get replaced if it floods and only needing to replace the rug or mats that were on top of the tile. This is where we dive in deeper on the different types of carpet and designs are literally endless you see a rug and carpet is like a painting it can be copied and replicated but when an artists paints he doesn’t repeat his work with the same exact picture no he goes and might paint the same picture in a different perspective and that’s what rugs look like there are thousands of designs to them that make the unique to ones home and everyone is different so everyone’s decision to use tile or to use carpet or even to use both whether it is putting down tile first and then using rugs to fill the area or if it is just putting all carpet there are many different ways to and at basement remodeling milwaukee we help not make to make the decision but to be informative to help make their decision easier for them to make we at we strive to be the best remodelers that includes being able to handle everything our clients throw at us including doing tile or carpet if they choose to do so. we pride ourselves to be the best possible remodeler in the milwaukee area and strive to be better everyday to make every call feel like they matter as well as making there project fun and exciting that it is no small feat but something that is going to change the way they look at the remodel and project that they want done because basement remodeling milwaukee care about everyone’s dream remodel and want to help get it done and we help make the decision of either carpet or tile a decision they wont regret.