Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Restoring To Glory?

This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Good afternoon, today has been an interesting day well the whole week has been quite interesting if you ask me! it all started on Sunday when my baseball team won their first play off game, we fully expected to win before the game we were the number two seed and we played the seventh seed and it that when the whole thing started game was not going well the first few innings we found our selves down in a pretty big hole early on and I was just thinking during the game if we do lose at least I will have a good week where I get to rest up and come to work at back to basics builders which has such a great family friendly office and always bright someone’s day because here at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we care about everyone of our employees they are treated like family as well as our clients from the minute we say hello to the fare wells you are a part of our family even if we don’t hear from you again so there I was standing in the infield and thinking that this will be ashamed if we lose but I get to work at amazing place back to basics builders however then the here the sound of the ball hitting the bat then heading right towards me I the fielded the ball cleanly and touched second base that when it became very interesting we came and go all fire up and the we ended up putting up fifteen runs and put it on cruise control to the end of the game we celebrated our first play off win as team after then the next day at work the work pick up a little with leads that just kept on coming in getting more business for back to basics builders basement remodel milwaukee all and all it was a good day we got a future client that is looking to renovate the great building in the milwaukee area the and back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee is really excited about this project and hoping for it to come to pass the next day Tuesday was also a an interesting day we are getting ready to move to our new office and preparing for that transition then my sister calls me to tell me that she is having troubles with her car fast forward a few hours she finds out that the car was burning oil and the engine is completely unusable and we were figuring out what we were going to do to get our mom to work until she gets a new car then comes Wednesday and lets say this went down hill fast but back to basics builders handled it like a family we all chip in to start the clean up in our new office which is very exciting for everyone we will now have more space and I get a brand new white board the size of the wall to help me keep things organized and leave notes for everyone and myself it was a lot of work that we put in to that new office where we had to get ride of the ceiling tiles in two different rooms had to destroy a counter and cabinets in another and then we had to wash the walls in the rooms and it took all of us to get it all done that was only start of it come a few hours we were treated with lunch because back to basics builder basement remodeling milwaukee treats their employees like family and care for the work that everyone puts in just like that even when we have appointments the minute we say hello to the time the client gets the proposal for their project to the time the project is accepted and started to the very end of the project we treat people like family we would work their house even better than we would work on our own making sure their requests are made with the respect that it deserves to add on to the day the I had the last game of the year on Wednesday where we were knocked out of the playoffs to a good team but the loss still hurt where our season ended to all the farewells of the team that some are going off doing better things at college so it was a bitter sweet night to all the good byes that were said and to congratulate the ones on their accomplishments one include my brother so next day was a little hard coming in but being at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee made the day immediately better and coming into joe telling me about the estimate he had he would love to get they you speak into existence well I am saying he is going to get this contract because there would a lot of joy and excitement in this office because it is a huge project at great beautiful building that deserves the best and joe and our team would give the best attention to detail making sure this would be his best work he and his team has ever done due to the significance it would lead to and when he was talking to me about the project you could tell that this would be a fit for our team because when someone has that much excitement he cares a lot about the work that will come and the fact that he has already treating this client as part of the family and that back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee would be the perfect fit for this job because like the old building we have a lot of respect for the building and the history that it would bring to the city as well as to us back to basics builders because we treat everyone we come into contact with like family.