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Well today is a great day here at back to basics builders. I have had some great times here in the office and I feel great minus the copes of medication changes holy bageezies. I don’t know how to feel right now i just have the fan blasting on me and the ac on! That seems to be helping now! Anyways how was everyone today at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee! I have been in this office most of the day and i am feeling a little better! I have been sick all morning and just whoozy. I miss my friend. I miss him so much. He died yesterday and i am a hot mess. At back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we are a family and we can talk a lot about things. We can talk and support one another. Sometimes I feel like the couch gets more use out of this room than the printer does. It’s crazy we sit, we talk and we move forward we press on and make money. We also have to be sure that we are stable to do great things here. At back to basics builders we work hard to help one another and move forward with our projects. While we are here doing great things we can also know that we are backed up 100%. I love what i can do and i can do it and make a huge difference in someones life here at Back to basics builders. Sometimes I wonder how I can create the best collage of my kids and I love that I can be creative here at Back to Basics builders. There are so many things i want to do in my house! I want to create a space in my hallway and its going to be so perfect! I am excited to fill up my hallway with great fun stuff! My babies are going to be so happy and excited! Back to basics builders my babies are my world and they will have great things! Because I have chosen to follow the way of the lord. At back to basics builders we are here to create life and live in our homes according to our lifestyles. My lifestyle is different than any others. I get so excited to add the art to my home and to make so many changes. I look for time to do things and the cool air to bring in freshness and bring in the greatness of fresh air. At back to basics builders i am a  parent and then i am a staff and i like it that way. I have come to do great things here at Back to Basics builders basement remodeling in Milwaukee and i love that i can! I am here to do great things. I have been browsing next for the greatest of art projects my kids created. I have bins upon bins and bins of stuff that I need to go through and things I have kept from my little man! I keep lots of stuff and i love that i do but then i remember i need to go through those things! I love that I can help here at back to basics Builders. So what do you decorate your hallways with quotes bible verses pictures or do you just add typical decor to every room? Let me know i would like to know your thoughts! I am a college girl. I love that I can add so many thoughts to one place. It makes me smile, it makes me happy! I love it so much! At back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee how do you display your art? I am going to take a few more peeks and some cool ideas like pinterest has so many! I love that i can look at pinterest and find some fun ideas. I get so sad sometimes that the ideas are so impossible and need so much creativity. What can we do to do great things. This weekend for my home I am going to look through and print some pictures and then I am going to add some beauty to the walls. Am i the only mom here or do i just overly love my babies. Am i the only mom that questions what my kids are doing three hours into the work day? Or am I that mom. I cannot keep my mind clear from them. Andi cannot wait to find a way to display their greatness and creativity. At back to basics builders we want you to know you ideas and thoughts are great! We love your kids we love your family. We are the team you want in your home to create new ideas. At back to basics builders. We love that we can help support people in great ways. At back to basics builders i love being a great helper person in the office i love that we can work together with families and help them create their space for new memories and new foundations and new life long places to call their home. At back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we love to help families create their dreams its what we do its our pride and joy here at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee. I have no idea what life throws at us and i don’t know why but i do know that life throws a lot at us sometimes and it makes me wonder why these things happen. Why did my friend die why did his last conversation have to be you know your worth discern his heart. It kills me deep inside that I am so angry inside and yet I can be so happy. How are we so self controlled and have our emotions on lock that we can just function through a day. I have no clue but at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we are here to help you and support you through your remodeling project!