These are on right now right now I’m kind of going to be not much else going on there Richmond hearing so much try to get these done and then I will have interesting I do not know where I do not know right drop that off Ice Age how do you see my iPad awesome see it I wonder where that is that’s nice my headphones if I don’t look at it for the whole time I do not see it in there never-mind found it yeah confined.  we’re going to get these done and then we’re basement remodeling Milwaukee going to have to the job sheet transfer which I will do I told Kayla told me yesterday that I like my body is just getting used to a huge change and all these.

They’re saying it’s too much all it’s not that great and she has really cool and it makes me look cooler everybody else thinks it looks really good on me everything but he thinks it looks good so don’t worry about their it actually improves nothing you know just stay on the what does he say stay in the river bank and let them flow if they’re going to be faster to be fast but other than that basement remodeling Milwaukee pretty good all right I’m really I’m kind of nervous to take something here because.  redo a bus to color keep you in check and maybe take it on the way home then your anthem.  however if we just look at this you’ll see that I’m actually pretty hot right now you’re not ready again I’m like looking for this end open up a new tab see where at we are at Thursday is actually going to be the first game so they will be in two days new Thursday they did have the see they did have a fee Hall of Fame game which ended with the Steelers beating the Cowboys 16 to 3.  whatever the old is Garrett Gilbert undo she threw up interception it kind of looks like a rush attic at the second best care Go Pro II get on the Cowboys I don’t know how old he is I feel like Replay that Texas and SMU oh well we 30 I had no idea he was that old I don’t know when you start .

Look like just getting his feet under him I never see deal and I don’t think he even played but scroll saw blade get a catch backward Nation right remember him foot Micah Parsons at a few tackles he’s the rookie that they H3 drafted turn deserves anything crazy there do the Steelers have a look at the other side up Steelers if you look at the other side will see that basement remodeling Milwaukee Queen has guns heading on a horrible game as well as Mason Rudolph stubs there for a touchdown contributing to the only touchdown Kalen ballage also added a few carries 4 to carry cells of Jaylen Samuels which I did not know clear pool hit the game I’m so there’s that and then there’s guess I’m pretty sure played for the Packers at some point how much is quick quick right now and I just kind of reset it basement remodeling Milwaukee will be kind of cool to see here about the Brewers plan the definitely win one game today I know that they are.

Batman first  he’s playing Stuck in the usual then the Damas Escobar is there yet it’s pretty line up with the pitching it should be good already went to look at Willie Adamas has Adams stats and see were at there home since he’s got the bruises back to 93 with an old PS plus 147 which is absolutely just ridiculous add free career high in home runs RBIs and then there is after he had pretty well to If we look at this look at this game log real see that how far in the past down all the games I know he’s been playing really well if we go up to like we go all the way back 19 games in the past 19 games is heading to 99 + 977 I’m leaving for you a little bit closer than that in the past 12 games heading to 94 go this one Dario basement remodeling Milwaukee has nine games he’s sitting 3 16 with no PS over a thousand home select pretty good for home runs before doubles so are the 12 heads 8 of them are extra vases that’s always a good thing to see nephew look at this one the past four games has been 353 I don’t even know I don’t know what happened bored he said she want to watch videos again so I kind of do no I’m not I don’t have to leave anymore right oh okay I won’t do that this time no we can do it over there Sage it’s better we can do it over there it’s up to you it’s up to you if you want to watch a movie yeah we can do that what’s a by I’ll take one for the team wasn’t here yesterday so I deserve this you know if I sit on that couch too long though I might just fall asleep.

I just fall right asleep you guys are kind of my minion cell I don’t know if you could tell me exact an you tell me what to do perfect I won’t do that yet we can watch some of the videos and then we’ll go from basement remodeling Milwaukee there I guess it mrbeast Jen and Jason new videos elf I guess we could what are you at I was just leave it in the house and then I would go to save it as like the bay you know how you put the dashes and all of them and then say and then take out the first basement there and then switch it to heart EF yeah so that rich text format perfect voice I keep looking like we’re going to this awesome awesome perfect where do you want me to put this why Kind of your kind of yeah we are kind of going this is not a real soda I drink a lot of ice water never never drink it this table smashing things with the bow staff I got a little chicken McChicken nautical.