Testing testing hello hello hello. I’ve got to be still working because I said your job and I’ll charge them while I’m typing. But yeah I definitely think that this article for me talking about I’m just like kind of what we’re Furniture pieces can come from basement remodeling Milwaukee. I feel like a lot of families are for the good family heirloom Furniture pieces. And all my house we have a couple not as many as we used to. Because sometimes stuff just to get old and can break so. But I’m like one of the pieces that we still have that I really like is there such as buffets in Mexicali with fishing on those bodies in the bus use for it but whatever and that’s what we’re using for the time right now. But it’s this old Buffet like thing that my grandma used to have. It’s really cool and I really like it but before that phone number for that I guess we had them both but we also had like we also had like this up like my face standing as I was forward to but I don’t know how but I just got a broke and so I don’t know what happened to Jessica dad might have like cut it shorter and gotten rid of it but whatever happened to 2 minutes long but I can’t say there’s a lot of people that don’t have some pieces that came down like the line from a cold for the kids and family members.

He said I was really cool to have the history in your house in like being stealthy like those stories for the interesting. I really like the fact that like you’re keeping like the Heritage one in your family. I definitely don’t have to look anything in my apartment that was like well I guess actually makes it so much I give us the row papasan chair that I think his mom had in college. I black after or before we had it she actually gave it to next cousin Emily actually have the papasan chair before we did. Which I think is so funny because she tells me this words but like the one they had it basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Like their dog buddy I guess tipped it over a couple times and it’s just really funny to think about body in the chair. Size of his picture with up and like she is not like a like dog like that he’s a big dog. And I think I just so hilarious I don’t know why but it is and then that’s kind of cool. I know like my mom and dad like I think they have a couple of things in the house I just like maybe they got picked up on. But I think that there is a pair of snowshoes at hang up on the wall somewhere in those used to be somebody in my family couldn’t really remember who always have the coldest I want to take you I’m writing down because I wanted to get a free before the Wi-Fi password because I was surprised at all but I’m just feeling like a stupid sticking out right now in her fridge it usually get sick sometime and then we usually typically lose it basement remodeling Milwaukee. Which I don’t really need to keep on losing another II hard password to remember but stop it. They are so right now I’m just kind of like go through Costco.

I think that people could do they bring the old pieces like op7p story. Like going Thursday. I think you can always feel like the first like Thursday like going to like an old antique shop and finding like pieces. You might not know like the story that like where they came from or where they originated from the lake you can definitely give him that your old story. I’m sometimes if any of the peace in our big and expensive it is to be able to find link different story about it. Play I like I feel like that’s also a really good thing I like kind of cute of mine. Oh I do have not comforting that often. Just because I don’t like sweating through everything sometimes. But I have some friends who really like to do a live and it really enjoyable I just haven’t myself comment to it yet I feel so I was looking at some coconut coffee pots on Costco because Mason wants to get rid of my nice one because he wants to and I just have some really bad that he can just put the coffee pot in the machine like I’ll be ready and done in like no time but obviously that’s not always the case basement remodeling Milwaukee.

the column should I have now it’s not like a pod system but I have one that’s kind of like that but it’s all I have a Nespresso I have an espresso with that is like positive bullet pots of coffee or espresso in it and like stuff like that bump positive expensive like word we have I gotten 2 calls in a while just because they’re kind of pricey and I can know there was really want to pay for that If you left but they’re all espresso Mason isn’t my drink that often. Sometimes you don’t even try for the weekend a red eye which is just like black coffee with a shot of 2 espresso in it basement remodeling Milwaukee. Will red eyes 1 black ice 2 shots of espresso. But I don’t think I really like the coffee out of the 420 bars but it’s better than a dollar ten sets of 5 + leave it doesn’t sound like a lot but it adds up fast like typically be like $50 a month in coffee and I just like really don’t want to spend the right now you know the row tall break it back out of the cabinet to use it again basement remodeling Milwaukee.