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Well today is a great day here at back to basics builders! Let’s get together and celebrate today! We have had some great work done and some work is going to be getting finished soon! Today basement remodeling milwaukee I was roaming around and found some fun stuff online! I have an all off white carpet in my living room. I get so excited about it. I love that I can come and do some great stuff with a small place. At we are moving and doing great things. I am excited about some fun stuff here at this weekend I had a party for my toddler who turned three. Im excited to go forward with a few new changes to my home! I cannot tell you how excited I get when I can do some fun stuff like buy new stain! I cannot wait to buy stain but I may have to wait until spring to finish my bathroom. I may lay low key this winter and just wait it out until I can open my windows again. Basement remodeling milwaukee has taught me so much this year that I feel like I can just flip my entire house! is a great place to be and a place to have fun and a place to work hard! I love that I love that we can be so different from one another and that we can work hard with one another. This weekend was fun I cannot tell you how much fun we had at . I had my baby’s party at a great location in the city where everyone could meet and have lots of fun! I love that we could gather and enjoy the fun things in life. It was a blast my baby had her nails painted in the salon and dipped her feet in the soak and then she was able to see the water change and then she had her favorite play list blasting in the van all over town. Basement remodeling milwaukee has an appreciation for memories and we have. truly loves the ole stuff including old vintage deocr! I love going through antique stores and rummaging through the old stuff and learning its story. I know every home has a great story and makes for great memories. is a place where you can learn all of that stuff and a place where you can just have fun making great memories. What stories can your house share with us. We love to look at the layers of a home and wonder what the purpose was or what the designer was thinking at basement remodeling milwaukee we are all trying to learn new things and when we learn new things we apparel cate the ole stuff is always ready for a new story! is always going to have fun doing great stuff! We are so excited to do great things and create new memories. I love that I can always have fun learning the new and appreciate the ole stuff. Have you seen some ole carpets I love it! I love vintage ole rugs. I love the worn soft look at this is what I live for. I love ole carpets that look worn that are soft between my toes! I struggle with buying new rugs all the time! I cannot spend so much money on a floor covering only because Its been styled to be worn and then I have kids that will fade it even more. So my question is do I buy new and then appreciate it when it turns to an ole rug that no one will want. I am not sure how I feel about area rugs I don’t understand why they are so expensive. I do want some style and some color in my living room but what about some fun pillows? I could manage with some ole styled pillows that I can get cozy with. I really could use some fun stuff in my living room that makes my couch more attractive. I struggle with it being so simple. I need big gray pillow with frilly stuff on it. My life is spent making great memories in an ole fun home that we love so much. It’s a home I grew in and a home that I cannot tell you enough about. I love my home and I love that it is so gorgeous. has taken an estimate of my home and had to start with the basement . the foundation of a home is so important to us not just physically but culturally. We always look at our home at and wonder how we can update and create a new space, but reality is when can we appreciate the ole space and make it a little more modern. Basement remodeling milwaukee is always one step ahead. We have looked at some great styles and different styles of the ole rugs that we wanted to add to the living space we have. I need to definitely look at the space and the size I need for my living room space. I have some ideas as to what I might need or that I want but in reality I am not sure what I can do with two kids. I kind of want to do some stuff then I question myself like why. I don’t know what I want to do. I feel lost sometimes at this is what we do. We are here to help you decide what is practical and functional for your home. is always a great place to do great things. We are excited and are moving forward with fun stuff here at we want you to know what is best for your home and your remodeling project needs. lets move forward with fun stuff here at give us a call and let us know your thoughts. is fun and I love it. Give us a call with your remodeling project ideas and your styles here. We love it and we are encouraged with your business. Please give us call and schedule your remodeling project with us at back to basics builders. We hare here basement remodeling milwaukee to make more memories with your ole home.