Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Capturing Your Vision?

This content was written for Back to Basics Builders.

Hey there lets talk about an one of the oldest debates old Vs New well first of all this all started when I went to go look at the store to add to my decorations and furniture to my house I was looking at all the different choices I can choose from you have these tall lamps small ones medium size and ones that loop around however you could choose this old copper metallic color now when I saw that it got me thinking of what I wanted my basement and other rooms in my house to look like just because of a simple debate came to my head between old vs new I love new things who doesn’t love new things in their life but why can’t you have the old feel with the new feel because as I stood there thinking why cant I have both I was thinking about what am I going to do with the old things I am replacing with the new and thinking of all the memories I once had with it there the times I sat in the room with family and loved ones I don’t just want to replace it but it needs to be replaced with something new. This went through my head for a good fifteen minutes and I couldn’t shake it and I thought about back to basic builder basement remodeling Milwaukee and how we do all of these remodels and how we help make the people feel good about the remodel afterwards I ended up picking up these old time feeling fixtures to give the room a more of a new feeling but also mix with a old time look to it to prolong the memories I had with the old fixtures this is where the old vs new debate starts to pick up and how it got started I was shopping and then started to think about more in depth when I got home where I was thinking about Milwaukee and how it has changed so much and so often when I look back twenty years even just ten years ago it didn’t look like it does toady so thinking about the old we have the texture the color the feel the look the presence of the history that it brings out and some of the best memories are stored just by an image, when you look at the old you see all the good memories that it was there for they say a picture is worth a thousand words well imagine all the words that are put in to the stories of just a look at sight or moment with your family in the basement of your home just to some up that is millions on millions of words that are being created every time you have a family gathering or just movie night with the one you love most but with good memories you also have the bad as well and at back to basics builders we understand those memories and respect them we cherish them and know that change is never easy to go through and at Back to basic builders basement remodeling we make it as painless as possible to go through the transition with us being there every step of the way Now the new you have all of updated technology the look of the futuristic build the sight of what is to come and that is seen every time you look at the Milwaukee Skyline I will say I have said out with the old and in with new too many times to count but I also see the beauty of the old as I mention but to bring them together seems like an amazing idea everyone hears well new is always better and old is well it is old well at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we don’t make you decide over old vs new we let you make the decisions on what it will look like The new side of the debate of old vs new it has a lot more to bring everyday a new person is born and they have brand new life to lead meaning change is to come so when we think about the new don’t think of the throwing out the old but more of let go to create new memories different memories that can replace some of the older ones new is scary but you have a lot interesting structures that will leave you speechless because every year you have new technology that brings out the creative side of designers to create an outstanding new piece of art like the old was once done everything that is old was once new at the time that was at heighten time where that what structures and household were suppose to look like but as years go on time changes perspectives change people change the world changes over the last twenty five years you see Milwaukee has change so dramatically you have a lot of new and yet a lot of old as well you have the beautiful old church building and yet you have the new building right around corner of it and yet it doesn’t look out of place well back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we make the old look like Milwaukee an old city that has a lot of new buildings fit with the old if you aren’t ready to give that old basement a remodel due to the memories that you have made there you can think again back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee can help you create the perfect in between the old and new to give you comfort every time you look at the new finished basement of yours you still see the great and old memories you have had there so they aren’t forgotten but that they are cherished generations further down the road just thinking about back to basic builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we encourage creativity that brings out the best parts of us all and create what feels right that can bring our memories from the old with the new so please contact us soon with a plan and let us know what your choice is old or new or both.