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Hello everyone welcome to back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee have you heard in our last discussion we used spackle vs sparkle and now we are going to discuss wall paper wall paper is its own discussion why because its been around forever why would someone wallpaper their home you might ask well lets see we are wallpapering homes because it has become modern there has been use of wallpaper and their has been use of patterns with textured paints have you seen the craziest décor ever well some people really know how to use the accent walls and some us it as overkill so I found some beautiful projects when I was researching glitter paint I found some patterns then it took me to the thought of stencils then I though holy cows what about sparkle wall paper well lets talk some diy projects have become some of the most traumatizing for me you see jcpennys used to sell these bed in a bag it was a comforter with matching sheets and shams pillow cases etc then it was in a small section that sold matching wall paper and border now this spring my mom has been talking about small improvements around her home and I remember I promised I would help her with her bathroom removing all the wall paper well I didn’t I lied my daughter was still nursing and I it would have been torture having her in the same room but at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will help you remove wall paper it sounds so simple spray and peel I thought my mom had a great chance at removing her wall paper since it was cracking and curling but no it was terrible she smelled up the whole duplex it was a lot of work she had the stuff in her hair she had it on her face she had it spackled in her arm hair it was everywhere every time she looked at me she would say thanks for your help you know you are the oldest thank god for my younger brother he was a great help until his attention span would just go and he needed to work on something else it happens I told her to let him babysit and I would help at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we have the staff to cover your project no worries don’t panic but you may also consider removing wall paper as one of your diy projects and let me tell you its work but the final project is gorgeous at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we have the expertise to get you through the struggle and we will refinish your walls for you so lets talk the new wallpaper comes with new improved adhesive and its gorgeous there is no doubt in my mind that it cannot be used on great rooms storage space and as accent walls as a renter I have seen wallpaper in many spaces kitchens bathes and bedrooms this spring I will help my mom take off the boarder in her bedroom and hopefully she can update her room to better help the function of it there isnt much space and she does have the largest room in the house sadly both upstairs and downstairs have the same layouts so my room isn’t any bigger in fact I feel like they are the same size I wonder if I can encourage her to use a pattern what are your thoughts have you used wall paper have you ever removed the stuff let me tell you we have went as far as steaming the walls with an iron or steamer then we sprayed and sprayed then we steamed then we scrapped and it worked boarder I don’t know how that project is looking for us but I know that it will need some elbow grease what are your experiences with wall paper today I have learned that there is the best removable adhesives out there but always remember where there is quality there is expense so do not let your wallpaper distract you from your goals at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we will include your paint project with our estimates and those estimates are affordable they may cost time but its definitely worth it be sure you are ready for the inconvenience of your space being taken over by laborers and let it be a space that you may not need for a while that is one reason back to basics builders specializes with basement remodels we are here to cover your remodels and we are here to show you your new space even if it is covered in wall paper from the 90s with a ton of maroon and hunter green accents we will peel spray adhesive remover and steam that wallpaper off at back to basics builders we will replace that accent wall with newly modern fresh paint or we will re lay wallpaper whatever you may desire give back to basics basement remodeling Milwaukee a call and get your estimate started with us we will love to move forward and propose your ideas and then we will move forward with your remodel it is that easy one two three easy now that you have your ideas we will move forward with you not that much more complicated than it has already been staring at projects that you need completed so lets take it off your hands and move forward with these additional once diy projects and add them to your remodels how exciting to have everything done at one time I am excited to give the estimate for you wish I could however you need someone with experience willing to carefully write the details for you and continue with your projects how exciting I am excited for you get that wallpaper off and let us refinish your space with new improved wallpaper and finished paint or patterns that you may want whatever you want we have it here at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee