calendar to see what’s going on here September 3rd so what time’s work best for you okay what day’s work best for you how to get September 3rd off I’m so we’ll be there work out for everybody I’m going to basement remodeling Milwaukee my buddy just text me so I set the see where he’s at with everything.  break 1 in Sonoma So far if I look back everything that I have to do is for this it would be nice to see MLB scores standings when we going to stand so you can see some League leaders so it’s pretty good on his home runs are still coming up voice a lot more pieces injured which kind of sucks to see where he’s at.

He’s you’ll see that I don’t know what his injury was but.  Basement remodeling Milwaukee backspace your feelings this is Ryan okay I’ll just go to confirm with somebody real quick kitchen cubes are in the backward microwave cabinet make microwave holder cabinet confirm that it’s supposed to be delivered you know what you’re delivering this the weather yeah my manager is asking the owner I thought things were going So there’s that we have see if I have him in this phone probably not though I have to look at this see that you yeah that’s what’s going to be exciting to listen to his whole time when I have to do this but other than that and I do have some pretty sure I’ve told Tillman’s number in my phone here if not it’ll be nice redo see if someone’s in here page isn’t make sure I have the right number I do all right so I have been over the phone I would go really need those business cards after that the other than that though all my buddies are doing like a basement remodeling Milwaukee weird draft order thing season-ending surgery which be really bad for them the queen is also I got it lost this season which is kind of bad Max Muncy.

We know what we’re doing here is that the home runs were going off of metals apparently that’s 28 I did not know that Salvador Perez’s himself a really good season I don’t know where the Gallows been putting it pretty good Eduardo Escobar the Brewers on he just had another one italics item priest really want it with the Brewers none of the hold on but either way. We will get there at least play first base he’s doing things that usually he would not be doing see you in a couple walk so internet bands he’s going to basement remodeling Milwaukee be 3 time zone could be worse but you like to see the number go up a little bit it scored a couple runs curly head for high average butt Justified guy that can have for power though so nice to see him play well with the Brewers if you can Curtis just had a really horrible game in the back in touch by pretty good for his confidence there cricket scores see today I’m ready ready for the Blue Jays is going to pitch against Morgan Tampa Bay is action on first place in the wild card on for the Yankees are clear 2 and 1/2 games back are the wild card so I guess for them it’s not a bad idea to get all the players.  how I and the wheels are the Blue Jays Baltimore Orioles is on 356 win percentage yellow the most runs against I was looking for 69 is a pond text right now.

I’m about to turn the worst team this year I really have no idea why I think it’s like the pitching really just isn’t that great however and their best players going now who’s the best hitter on their team becomes average daily qualify players pavin Smith never heard of him Tim locastro is on their team that’s he’s kind of a I really don’t have anybody that’s playing well Woodford whiskey bar for moving on Stater Brothers by their best picture I’m picturing the temperature in Merrill Kelly and Nico for basement remodeling Milwaukee 3 He really was not the picture already. He’s going to be one.  either way though not real exciting there for the Brewers on there Brewers team go to Brewers convenience store end I want to go to a Brewer game list we can go see if you look at the top rows of 80 / see is going to 18. Down the 13 which is good looking up a video clip the top geyser I’m doing really well find a percentage of a qualified players on the Brewers like 3 Jackie Bradley jr. is not I got right now curious go 334 it’s not the worst opsis is playing Gunner basement remodeling Milwaukee viruses good time Taylor as a great 4 PS4 what he’s supposed.

It’s good to see pineal really struggling go back 4 people size bad Rowdy Tellez likely found the Brewers is having a very good copious since he came back is playing really well holding off cuz they don’t know what they want to do with their basement either.  pretty indecisive could be a reason why no contractor wants to work when they were complaining basement remodeling Milwaukee about that when they were complaining about having issues with other contractors not coming out right that’s how I wanted it so I wanted to say for sure and unlike your friend I’m telling you once your wife starts talking he’s probably like yeah I don’t really feel like doing this either right.  he has maybe Friendly’s prices like the other seems like a. he probably got an estimate those way over their budget and was like yeah I even call him. I really cannot believe how many people decide not to show up when they are doing things around town and i just think it is incredibly rude when people stand us up like that it is very unfortunate makes you not want to work with them in the future.