I think the West Urban Meyer was a incoming call I believe so I had to.  see what Stephanie has to say you know what you sound basement remodeling Milwaukee like the pine I believe I have I’m kind of looking around at just talking to some realtor thing if any of them have any clients who are looking to get her bottles done anytime soon or something along those lines everybody at the top of my head right now it’s not a problem if you want we can set up a meeting or something with my manager to thank you no problem.  she’ll hang up right away she didn’t hang up right away I got some information.  I want for you to it still oh yeah true got your text I have called those people he’ll be tough especially if they’re not long call wizard And then the other basement remodeling Milwaukee half was like laundry utility area I think it’s raining 400 square feet in an acre I don’t want to see no deal laundry area and the area and I’m going to that like the bathroom I don’t think we’ve had issues but the Ben.  they are doing work in the room the room like right across the hallway to they’re just starting but I don’t think anybody there right now.

I don’t know either office next to us the women’s bathroom I think you’ve been leaving it unlocked no problem bro that’s weird.  I don’t know never been in there realistically difference we can resume 6252 North Santa Monica Boulevard I can’t really figure out the layout of how things should be based on the current situation of the place it’s Alyssa Palmer now and then like our AC unit hot water heater and stuff is all pretty big I like kind of close to a while but not like a diamond 25 above 525 and 40 I just had someone else come out and he said that off the top of his head he thought it was going to be that’s basement remodeling Milwaukee what it’s going to be with the bathroom right Morning W e s t e r m a y e r happy live in suspense over here I’m going to call is that bad I’m actually intensity on the phone very exciting.

The place I stay on script pretty well I kind of just went right through the steps on that one I think see what else she told me she told me a lot about what she wants to do I don’t know like I didn’t have her name I just kind of got it eventually I think that’s pretty important right right that happens a lot when you get incoming calls next that’s another thing I think I did well as right when she called she started going right to do it and then I kind of just ignored it and said how did you hear about us and right basement remodeling Milwaukee like probably benefit our information about the half bathroom into a full bath when she saw the price is high but I’m not lying in that sentence like that is going to make the price higher when you have a half bath if you want to make a full bath right but that’s why I’m saying like she said 50000 seems high but yeah probably need to tell her I could have just had like you know I we wouldn’t really be able to say anything about that price till we take a look at who said that what I said I don’t think it was off-putting is its this is what it is try to work.  that’s true yeah yeah that would that would make a price go up a little bit right 6 time that I don’t think so that means you’re probably adding a shower.

Army bookbags Charles Manson her intensity All In My Mind.  it sounds like an awesome it sounds like an awesome project see what makes a good estimate is that she she’s had somebody come out to her before giving her a price and she still looking around so I’m sure she’s just trying to see who’s the lowest at this point will be good if we can come below 50 paste basement remodeling Milwaukee on a 400 square-foot basement and similar yeah that happened was that the look.  yeah that was my first column like I felt like feel like it was like a month so I felt like I was a little rusty it did mine Tuesday I was getting better and then I just didn’t have calls anymore sounds like a I’m trying to see light You’re my cruise 1 went fine.  a stop highlight get scared I have I been looking at the script and seeing how I would like to go out scripture talking the way I talk I think the script like basement remodeling Milwaukee.

they don’t I don’t think they really want to I would be more beneficial to be more beneficial just to ask him if they have like introduce ourselves to ask if they have clients I need remodeling and then if they say yes then can introduce ourselves you’d rather do that first I still have never heard a successful call that’s why I don’t know what I haven’t heard them I haven’t.  then they haven’t happened I don’t care This, relax and hang up on me all right relax yeah I actually don’t care about getting turned on it’s just like I’ve check Norway say that to a realtor I probably would 2.  too be safe to know if you don’t if you don’t be if you don’t be so if you don’t be so it’s not if you don’t be so it’s not that if you don’t be so it’s not that see if you don’t be so it’s not that serious basement remodeling Milwaukee. all the time really no reason to fight about stupid stuff because the end of the day small things that you will forget about him in two weeks so there’s really no reason to blow it up make it a real fight Link a little fight we’ve been together for years I think I’ve had like two serious arguments ever right yeah I don’t like. I don’t like how.