Good morning today is a great day here basement remodeling Milwaukee I promise you that we have done some amazing things this morning already. We’ve had some great times and I’ve discussed some great things about some amazing families and we’re really excited to provide them with the details that they’ve requested and they’re remodeling projects. I’m really excited to keep moving forward with some amazing remodeling project ideas I mean really what Cody really talk about this morning other than were adding a bathroom to a new space and updating it for a family who has new needs.

And that’s what happens when families grow and change everything it’s really exciting and we like to move forward with some great remodeling projects it’s super happy hair I mean there’s a lot of fun things that we can do here together as a team and provide great quality work form all of those involved. Basement remodeling Milwaukee over here to help you with your great remodeling projects and to learn about what we’re doing today is even better. I’m here basement remodeling Milwaukee to back it up and support the app is here it’s fun and I like what I do as a support. Milwaukee is there a modeling company that completely demos every basement or every space in the contract and we like to move forward with building it framing it adding things to it cuz that’s what we have and do all the time. Here we are enjoying space is here fun.

Basement we try to do our best to accommodate everybody. We love that we can help one another and that we can focus on some great things and that we can always add some new ideas. We love to hear from families everyday so give us a call here at basement remodeling Milwaukee because we want to hear your great details. I mean realistically we would like to hear from new people every day but we know that sometimes we don’t have the across can’t milwaukee so we want you to give us a call. and learn about us check us out learn what we’re here for and we would love to hear from you and all of your remodeling project ideas. I mean realistically we would love to hear from somebody new every day right. And here we love that we can help everybody in their remodeling project ideas because it makes us happy. Customer satisfaction is our number one Focus here at  we provide all of our clients with value and quality of work it’s always been a focus here at basement remodeling Milwaukee to be sure that we remodel is value. unlike a lot of different companies out here we love to focus on great things and make sure good things are happening. Hair basement remodeling Milwaukee this is what we do all the time I mean we really get excited about remodeling projects here. Because it’s what we do everyday and we get really excited about.

A we love that we can help our families and that we can build some strong teams. I mean I know that I want a home that’s fun and exciting and has some exciting ideas to it. There’s so many different ideas that you can put into your remodeling project it’s bizarre to me I mean I chew Joann open concept of a Home Remodeling projects but sometimes the open-concept continues to the outdoors. I’ve seen vacation areas at Overlook Springs Hot Springs and there’s Windows everywhere the bathrooms are outside and I’m like why are we showering outside and facing a public location I don’t know. A lot of times you have a lot of extra windows that get put into homes and it just I lived and grew up in the city so a lot of windows isn’t my favorite I think it’s about placement when it comes to Windows and what you’re appreciating about that view. And what the significance could be in that view of where you are located. I mean realistically basement remodeling Milwaukee we want to be sure that everything is Flowing together and that everything is really exciting to move forward with some great remodeling projects and that makes us happy. We’re always here to help and to build strong communities and to be excited about her work here at milwaukee. So when you look at a home and you see an open-concept it’s mind-boggling as to where these windows are located and how open do you want your space I mean I hate when people watch me do things like there’s one thing of helping somebody and another thing of showing them what you’re doing throughout your day.

I know there’s days when I’m really excited about just moving around my house and sometimes I just like to be in my room so every night I’ve been taking time to myself and just going in my room for about an hour between 7 and 8 and then I go to sleep about 8 30 I might have to finish getting the kids ready for bed but it’s just a time where I can lay down and get off my bottom and just processing throughout the day and to provide myself with self care. It has been a very stressful time and when stress is involved we like to take our time out and provide self care. This helps distressing a lot of situations. So how do you provide yourself with self-care and how would you incorporate it through your remodeling project and the process of it basement remodeling Milwaukee. I mean Thursday is when I am exhausted like mentally and just mentally and I have to get up and take another stuff and put my feet on the ground and refocus and get ready to do some great things. For such a time as this right now that we can move forward and do some great things with our remodeling project ideas. I mean realistically what are we going to do and how are we going to do such things.