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Hi there, I hope everyone had a great weekend of amazing weather, enjoying while it last I know some of you might love the weather that will becoming our ways very soon but it was a nice weekend to get outside do some fun activities like going to pumpkin picking, which a lot of people were doing this past weekend we even had some people in the office go as well. Another thing I want to mention to everyone is sincerely hope everyone is having a great Monday and start of the week for those had to work Sunday and into the week. Because we here at basement remodeling milwaukee are having a good start to the week we have create two new appointments for the next coming months adding to our schedule appointment which is always good, that means we are growing fast our name is getting reach people and they are calling us for their home remodeling needs which does wonders for us and they get amazing rooms at the end of the process where they get to have a new room to make many more memories with there family. Well let’s get down to what we are discussing today and its open space in the house and what should go there as well as to whether anything should go there or not. To start off I want to say that all open space should be filled with something whether its cabinets table, chairs or something more extravagant. Open space can be good for some rooms you obviously do not want to over crowed a room with objects and unnecessary objects. However what I want to talk and dive deeper into is what to do with the open space in a room that needs something done with it not a room that just has open space. For example there is a basement that is fifteen hundred square feet room that has a seven hundred and fifty square feet that of open space they have a bathroom and bedroom down there already so what to do with the rest well lets talk about adding a bar to this space and when I say bar that does not mean its all about alcohol but more of a place to put cold drinks in a living space where you watch movies with friends and family. This can be as simple as combing a couple of cabinets and putting a counter top on top of them and adding a few spaces for drinks and snacks. Now, you can go simple and it adds a little more substance to the room and uses some of the open space up which helps the whole room overall and now you do not have toa walk all the way to the kitchen to get your snacks or drinks while missing a part of the movie you are watching with your family or friends. The next thing you can do is be more extravagant with how you use the space and create a big bar that has shelves and cooler for drinks. So, let’s go in to detail at the things you can do with an extravagant bar. I am now going to give a lot details on a bar that is a little extra but turned out very nice so from the wall you have cabinets and a counter top that has a sink in it, there are four cabinets together that create and hold the counter and countertop and then you have cabinet and a half cabinet that come out from the wall to and from the ending of those cabinets they have three more cabinets that go in the same direction as the other cabinets are coming from so in the end it looks like a U shape letter. Then three cabinets that are not on the wall but out from it you have higher surface that creates height of the next little countertop that you can sit at eat and drink at. Now you have two of these cabinets that are actually coolers to keep the drinks refrigerated. Now we have the shape and cabinets explained now time to get into the countertop and backsplash, so the countertop is a quartz that has a gray marble look to it and goes all the way around the u shape. Then you have the counter where you sit and eat with the same material same color of the counter. You then have the wall which have two shelves on the left side then you have Television in the middle and two shelves on the right of the television. Now basement remodeling milwaukee is great because we give you our experience with whole process of the remodel that people do not know about as well as the experience of creating substance that adds to the room in open spaces. Then you have the wall which is full of stone blocks this is what the tv is connected to and then you have the next wall that is created by the u shape cabinets and counter has the same design as the wall to create texture and add to the design of the bar. Now basement remodeling milwaukee has lot of experience in dealing with bars but there are so many things you can do with an open space in a room. Besides who wants a lot of open space a room that has paces but has no substance to it no one and basement remodeling milwaukee has its fair share of helping families create many memories by help then design the room with suggestions to give you many options to choose from we care about your opinion because in the end this is your hoe you have to live there everyday of your life and we want your vision to come out of being a vision and make it a reality so for your next home remodeling project and your looking to add substance in an open space give basement remodeling milwaukee a call.