All right I guess we’ll do this last one in the right a movie review on this one because that sounds kind of fun I’m going to go to medium to go to Rotten Tomatoes cut that I’m a search login I told you I did my iPad really doesn’t work that well but oh well I’m going to wonder Woman 1984 I know it’s a little late to do the basement remodeling Milwaukee. I know it’s a little late to do the review for the Ordnance Corps still really high I’m going to definitely do it I like what you think of this movie I’m sick I thought it was buns 40 I think it gave a 50 I don’t know I don’t think it’s worse than that I guess I’ll give it by 54 so I’m going to go there before out of 100 fun and entertaining the first Wonder Woman movie was. missions make sense fun and entertaining at the first one fun emotional emotional and entertaining is the first Wonder Woman movie was as soon as the same way just the opposite first this movie bike probably about 45 minutes second and a movie about Wonder Woman a movie about Wonder Woman Rihanna felt like a tertiary second secondly Diana I didn’t say I felt felt like a basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Felt like a hoarding character in her own movie is what I’m going to say will be focused on okay style said too much on its uninteresting villains and not didn’t Focus that made first 1 grade the first one was first uninteresting and focused on the things that made the first one first one a surprise hit the only things I liked bold this movie the few action scenes that contains return Chris Pines Steve Trevor the chemistry basement remodeling milwaukee chemistry Between I do and find something can I see something you don’t find something that is only matched by Chris Pine who does who plays Chris Zoe Saldana determined to come shooting you don’t buy some Leslie match comic book movies by Denzel Saldana.

I’m trying to think of something else ultimately this movie all the way leave you nothing more wondering why is this 2 + a hours long what’s a good about that one so you kind of have to do that see all the critics didn’t like it solo a Star Wars story see that was when I definitely liked bands like rise of Skywalker I liked rise of Skywalker other than that yeah I don’t know are some pretty good movies to right I would say Basement remodeling Milwaukee. Are there any other what was the TV show I could do bad batch like I love the bed right now wonder how you would review that are you can’t if it’s you don’t know how to do it if I click on view details I thought you find it you would have to do it that way Discovery good reviews for a show that’s see Marvel modok is something I might want to see eyes it supposed to be funny or I’ve no idea to be a yeah, it’s probably kind of funny Patton Oswalt please modok Melissa fumero Place Melissa whoever that is. See who else is playing Clear Lake yeah I don’t even know the supposed to make me want what years the critics reviews comics see people are really liking this one I don’t really get it silly energy nerdy audiences sorry that sounds like me quick lung pop culture reminiscent of The Simpsons and Family Guy okay okay Richard. I don’t really know if that’s the way that it should be but oh well let me see what else we have here I think I should just say basement remodeling Milwaukee yeah it’s probably a good thing to say I know this one guy the bad parts are turns out there’s a reason Marvel’s the last 9 characters are that way okay I guess I’m suffering from not being as funny as it should be okay they say it’s pretty much just fanservice e and see I feel like this people are really liking it are you think it’s really funny which is kind of which is good turquoise quality writing I think that they’re doing Archer see if this person is this a increasingly solace everything they’ve had in the last 10 years or so since 2012 yeah that’s just not correct some if hosting that I supposed to say that’s not a bad word.

I’ll take it out just because¬† if we look at anything else let’s see what other movies that are on Rotten Tomatoes see what we got here his over-the-top is advertised and then some here’s the Disney live-action remakes ranked see I really like the Latin Through the Looking-Glass lot of people did not like 102 Dalmatians is number 16 what percent Mistress of evil is 15 that think that’s the second one yet it definitely don’t like that one as much as the first.¬† they basement remodeling Milwaukee okay there goes see the next 101 Dalmatians Dumbo yeah I don’t like that one at all that one was underline see I like that will be a little bit better did it say if it’s hard but it is a very good visual story Lion King the Denali Berry make the only reason why I didn’t was because it was the exact same story yep I agree with them see Maleficent the original it should be higher than 54 same with that Aladdin movie is higher than a 54 usually critics are lower then fans to Atlantic.

Y’all want to go 94 see people love that movie and more like an audience of the critic but I guess both Lady and the Tramp I don’t what makes your fresh tomato have no idea I never saw that movie didn’t really care to basement remodeling Milwaukee. Beauty and the Beast I want stop add Christopher Robin died like that one I really did like that movie Lyme disease Jungle Book I did not see that Cinderella 2015 I don’t even know who I guess it’s that good Pete’s Dragon think is this one that 88 The Jungle Book cut see 9486 look up how to become