Basement Remodeling Milwaukee | Or Outdoor Kitchens?

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Good afternoon thank you for tuning in today is a great day to have Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I just want you to know that we will be discussing remodeling with families throughout the covered pandemic and I didn’t want to review some information at any of you had something however I am not sure if any of you had some input or what not but anyways I wanted to move forward it Back to Basics Builders and I wanted to and there it was a mighty grade-a the sun was out it was still a little Breezy I think I did not have nearly as much energy as I had planned to have I think what’s really bugging us down is this whole not only are we quarantine and working from home but we are also dealing with homeschooling and I cannot tell you enough how frustrating it is to be homeschooling and working and updating and I know he’s talked about this a lot during a remodel but husband and I could still frustrated we have a toddler she’s too and a half and then we have a seven year old and he’s in school and I’m not kidding these teachers think it’s okay to have meetings every other hour and I can’t I cannot it’s frustrating it’s super annoying as something I don’t ever want to deal with in my life again but I know that I appreciate the teachers and I appreciate everything that you do with the given needs of my child at Back to Basics Builders basementĀ  remodeling Milwaukee we do our best every day to accommodate families and the needs thereof and when we remodel we know that every family is different every family has unique needs and that is why we provide 100% free I said free free consultation and we do have different ways we communicate most around line we do love talking on the phone don’t get us wrong however again we are homeschooling and there’s little ones running around in the background so again we love what we do and it drives us every day to get up and homeschool and sometimes we don’t have time to clean her house and you know what I’m looking at my house right now and there’s boards that aren’t finished there’s cabinets wide open I can’t wipe the cabinet down because there’s no sealer on my cabinets are gray at Back to Basics Builders we want you to know that when we come in and do a project we definitely keep it clean to the best of our knowledge still how do we deal with the change that covid pandemic has brought us a lot of people ask and honestly when we’re remodeling homes we can only remodel them according to family needs we continue the process we move forward legit start with the estimate then we go to proposals then we sign the proposal with the family there and let me move forward with the project and we said a project and we have an agenda on a timeline for those projects at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we want you to know that you are well cared for we have an open door policy they have open communication at all times there is nothing that keeps you from expressing who you are what you want done in your home and you can explain why a however it’s not necessarily a necessity at the time if it’s going to cause a big change and be very costly yes we want to know why Back to Basics Builders you get Integrity you get faithful messing to get loyalty and I can’t tell you enough how exciting it is to work for a team that can provide all of these different things for you At Back to Basics Builders we do our best to make sure that every detail that you would like in your new remodel will be present we guarantee quality we are never ever ever go beyond our limits in what you have giving boundaries to and that is something that we had to learn about during this pandemic this covid-19 pendant Ike and I promise you it was different at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we had to make many changes we had to start from scratch and begin a new safety model we have to have a lot more communication with our customers than we ever had in the past we had a lot of safety changes at Back to Basics Brothers we want every family to know that we are well qualified to work there in a pandemic we are very educated on the pounds on Mike we understand it’s theĀ  amount of time the microbe stays alive on different materials we are aware preventive measures that every worker can take to prevent the spread of the disease at Back to Basics Builders we want you to know that you are safe that you are respected and that you are welcome to communicate at any given time using any form of communication at Back to Basics Builders we have a live agenda email and we also have an office phone we is all these forms of communication to better our process if providing a home remodeling project and Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are looking forward to meeting you we look forward to You are free estimates you’re free consultations throughout your remodeling process and you’re 15% more right than any other company in the business feel free to reach out at 414-460-0075 leave us a message if we don’t answer follow the prompts on the voicemail you can also continue with Back to Basics fill out the contact form and submit it to us we will follow up with you to schedule your free estimate today.