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Hello today is a great day Have active Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee as I look out the window I see flurries thank God it’s too warm for them to stick however definitely not something you want to see in the first week of May have Back to Basics Builders today we are turning an attic enter some living space yesterday we were able to put on some doors and add some baseboards I labor team is really excited they have actually built relationships outside of work and that makes me so happy they’re just a little family together at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee that’s what we love to see within our staff is getting together and having fun just like Families 2 at Back to Basics Builders we’re super excited to start these new projects and work our butts off what have you seen in your attic what would you like to see in your attic have you ever dreamed about your attic remember growing up we grew up on the south side of Milwaukee in the inner city and there was a lot of Polish spots at her house in our neighborhood and polish flats are really unique they’re super cool you should have said a lot of families in one house and everybody has their own little privacy. There’s like extra little compartments in different apartments and spaces for living and just a great General all in all great neighborhood to live in and amazing homes that could be transformed into something great no I just see the craziness of life and these houses are not well kept it all their run down they’re just a mess but I do remember at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee when I was younger my uncle transformed his entire a day like this attic was Hugh Mungus it had a bedroom and a bat closet space and then I promise you this could have been a second floor it was just huge and it definitely could have had us a living space but I just remember how much space was up there and we used to play all the time up there you can play hide and seek who plays tag video games all sorts of craziness and I was just beautiful I’ll never forget it it was huge and we have no we never considered making it a second living space or an apartment or anything like that my uncle just use the extra room upstairs for boys his house was humongous anyways and another and I we lived in the lower level which was the part of the Polish flat and it had his own country and the front and then we shared basement space where we did laundry together that was kind of terrible cuz you had to go outside to get into your basement for my aunt that was a lot of work I think about that now and I’m just like a that had to be terrible laundry days were not so great in the winter time but oh and my mom and I it was a faceĀ  it was Jess infested with cockroaches and that was a terrible terrible thing for us and we had no idea they were there when we did we bombed and we did everything clean everything and put in new carpet new appliances and it started all over again and I know my mom was so excited as a young mother and the school was right down the block and there was really nothing that the stopping us but these cockroaches and eventually my mom gave up and we Hunchback with my grandparents and it was okay. Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee sometimes you face an obstacle here to turn things around and sometimes it’s taking like 200 steps back and then 7000 forward now my mom owns a home in the Bay View area and it’s a duplex and it’s a great space better than what we ever dreamed we would have and I love it we love it so much a back-to-basics Brothers it’s okay to come up against an obstacle it took hey to come around and face the wall a box and not know what to do until we think outside of it and sometimes it takes a lot of thinking sometimes it takes a lot of planning and when you’re considering remodeling projects let me tell you, you really have to think outside of the box and we have such a solid support and Network At 1 we are stuck and don’t know what to do we can reach out to them and they’re Daphne professional they love what they do do they help us reconsider and figure out how to get around things and how to move forward with projects when I don’t necessarily make sense to us at Back to Basics Builders we want you to know that our customers are always care for your always supported with the bus quality as well as the open door policy and communication we find ways to communicate Liam to our past us and top the different choices that a customer makes we’ve created many different routes of Communication email we have phone we have live documents we have so many different options we have face-to-face and I can honestly say that it Back to Basics Builders we love the face-to-face we love to see our customers we love to communicate with them on a regular basis we love to see the bitter truth her family and you try the difference that everybody brings a back-to-basics mother’s we are here for you we are here to support you through your remodeling project with 100% free guaranteed consultations router process we’re also here with a free estimate to start your remodeling project and to understand what it is like to have a remodeling project and to move forward with it some people just don’t understand the details of it and Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we not only have a free estimate now we not only have Open Door communication but we also have a 15% lower rate than any other company in the business so please do reach out give us a ring at Back to Basics aldaris 414-460-0075 and you can also fill out our contact page at Back to Basics and we will look forward to setting up your free estimate today.