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Good morning thank you all for coming in today a back-to-basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee today is a great day here at Back to Basics Builders we are here today we are celebrating life we have learned that A co-worker is having a baby boy and this baby is due next month. My Back to Basics Builders we appreciate life and we celebrate all types of life. Head back to basics Builders we fight for life we are pro-life here and we enjoy our lives that come together and celebrate. We enjoy all cultures, all traditions. We are a people that love to come together and celebrate all types of different things here at Back to Basics Builders we are a team that loves to come together and do great things. A back-to-basics Builders I have said many many times that we are here as a people of faith and we believe in a god that is all knowing and I’ll present and when I am state does I truly speak form possibly select few not sure if this is a belief around all staff but I know that it’s a faith that I share with my staff here at Back to Basics Builders and I enjoy it I truly enjoy that we have so much difference here in the office at one time and that God had brought us together at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I am truly a person that loves to come and enjoy being here at work and this morning was rough I really don’t know why but my ear is hurting terribly and when you have an ear infection it’s something that you just don’t want to hear about any more after a while and let me tell you it sucks when you have ear pain because it wants to take up your neck and your jaw this is something you don’t want to deal with forever and it’s been a month and a half dealing with ear pain and dealing with covid-19 to make it to and from the doctors and my doctor has been very busy lately at Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee it’s nice to know that when you come into work then you have family here that care about you and they want you to get better and they’re right they make sure you go see a referral to see a specialist and it just it makes me happy to know that we have that care here. A back-to-basics Brothers I am here as an example of money and we love what we do here and it makes us smile at Back to Basics Builders for a solid team that loves each other and we do well with one another we are strong people we’re here to celebrate we’re here to love we’re here to live. we are here to B and Back to Basics Builders where are people that can come together and enjoy one another and give each other strength. me a back-to-basics Builders we love what we do and we do it strong here we are a strong people here at back-to-basics pillars basement remodeling Milwaukee. No let me tell you about when you’re having a remodel going on in your home and you don’t feel good. I’ve had so many people come to me and asked me like what what do we do when we have a remodel how do we cook how do we fire chicken how do we The Flipper are pancakes when our kitchen is gone what do we do now Back to Basics Builders we have a strong team that can walk you through your remodeling project good morning thank you for calling back to basics Builders Natasha how can I help you hello okay. I’m Back to Basics Builders base you can turn it on honey . we are here to give people strength we are here to enjoy we’re here to persevere and we’re here to do the right things at Back to Basics Builders we want you to be comfortable with your remodeling project you want you to know that it’s going to be okay and that you just need some creativity a long way to do big things at back-to-basics Brothers we can support you with ideas and creativity ultimately it is up to a family to unite and come together and show their strengths and pull from them and designer team in defense of the remodeling project a back-to-basics Builders we can help you outline this process. I have noticed that many families have on Google YouTube and watch videos and educate themselves by reading my many articles about how to start a remodeling project and we have seen kids build tiny homes throughout the united states! This has been a great experience for both adults and children. Here at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we are a family and a people that come together and join one another in the community and support each other. At back to basics builders we love that we can be of a great help to each other. Please try and find any other company that can come together and be great in your home with everything you need. At back to basics builders we know the best we are favored and we are loved! At back to basics builders we are doing great things! If you are interested in any of our remodeling projects and have ideas of your own please feel free to contact us at back to basics builders . 
We are a great team here to help you and do great things. At back to basics builders we are here to help you with all of your remodeling project needs including supporting them. At back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we are here to help you!