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Good morning thanks for coming back to back to basics builders. It has been a wild two weeks here! I cannot tell you how wild it has been but we are on track and getting business done! Its great here at back to basics builders. I love that we can get everything done. Basement remodeling milwaukee is now looking at a few projects here we have an upcoming kitchen remodel a bathroom and a basement. is always on top of things here waiting for you to schedule your next estimate here with us at we love what we do and we can do it well! Please feel free to call or contact us on our website! And we can schedule you today! At we always look forward to hearing from our customers! We love it here and we are ready to take on some new projects! lets talk about some ideas we have for the bathroom we obviously have to demo the bathroom and get a good cleaning done! Then we need to check on what kind of bath tub they would like and what kind of tile then we need to fix the vanity or add a vanity and a mirror right?! Maybe we can also add a new toilet too? I don’t know what to do first! Holy cows I get so happy and excited with new remodels. Basement remodeling milwaukee is always on the go and ready to move forward with new remodeling projects. we are happy and we are so happy and excited to always move froward with great ideas and want to do great things. Bathroom are rough the decisions are always simple in number but in style there are so many different options. is always up for some fun changes in bathroom size and style. Bathroom remodels are so fun and great to finish we love that we can do some great things in bathrooms. Lets see what choices we may have ahead of us here at . it has been great, and we can always look forward to fun! There is a lot of options when it comes to tile there are many different types and styles of tile here! I know that I love to look different, but I am also always ready to look for a way application of different styles and looks. We are happy to always accommodate and make sure that we are always on task. Basement remodeling milwaukee is always a great place to add some fun style to your room! I have some fun patterned flooring tile with some great looks of blue subway tiles for an accent wall! I love that we can do here at . what can we do to better help your bathroom! I know the newest style and fashion for bathroom is that the tile be patterned. There’s a ton of different routes we can take with back to basics builders. Lets take a look at luxury bathrooms. I can see accent walls as the newest thing here. I know that there are so many different options while looking at bathroom swith color and tile and luxury vs standard. Lets take a look at the luxurious look of the accent walls. Most are painted with a centered tiled section wide enough to cover the tubs length. Yest that answers the next question of where the tub goes in the bathroom. It goes against the accent wall centered in the tiled section of the wall. The outside of the tiled portion is painted with an accent color that usually compliments the tile of the wall. So we have two different tiles and two different sections that need to be tiled there the tub and there’s the floor. I know we have laminate flooring for our bathroom. Its light colored and a pattern but a neutral universal color. Basement remodeling milwaukee is always a great place to be and to see new things happening! I love it I love that I can move forward with great remodeling projects. I love it so much! I love that I can see the newest fad and fashion and that I can move forward with the projects and provide great ideas to combine and correlate the great style. is always on top of the newest trends and fashions at we are here to help you and all of your remodeling project needs. I love that I can look and see the great ideas that people have accomplished through their homes and have complimented it with each room! Its fun and its something we love to do! is always great and is always on top of their project needs. we love that we can move forward with great ideas. Basement remodeling milwaukee is a great place to be and a great place to consider your homes project including your bathroom project. is always doing great things will always be sure that your bathroom looks great and that it all looks fabulous. At we want your remodeling project to be greatness! We want you to know that we are here to make your remodeling dreams come true! We love to work on the newest of projects including that of bathrooms! I love that I can view and see the fun stuff of bathroom remodels. is great! Let me tell you how great they are! I love that we can do fun stuff here and that we can have multiple ideas of how to remodel the bathroom. If you would like to schedule your bathroom estimate with us give us call at 414-460-0075 and we can schedule your free estimate today! I am super excited with it! At basement remodeling milwaukee we move forward with a free consultation and we can add an orientation to better soothe those remodeling project pains. We want all of our customers to be prepared for all of their remodeling projects twists and turns.