All right if we keep looking then we will see that oh yeah we’re going to look at Austin Meadows a continuation from where I just was a correlation between the Tampa Bay playing so well and weather at now so if we go to Tampa Bay yeah so since we can go since right here since May 12th since the race started playing as well in the last 16 games lost Meadows back 339 with an old PS of 1172 basement remodeling Milwaukee. If we look at 3:39 he’s got five home runs 20 RBIs 20 hits and 72 plate appearances so that’s definitely something to look at he was really struggling it’s essentially I guess you could even go but even if you want to do even better.

He’s really been tearing the cover off since May 13th and last 15 games or not let’s go to the just go to I’m definitely something to look at I can walk a lot too so look at song what 17 games is on base percentage is 408 so so that’s good for him he was an All-Star I don’t know what what year was look at the years using all star it was 2019 where he hit 33 home run today 9 RBIs so 15 in the MVP voting if you look at Randy or he’s like a weird clear to me 19 in a crazy playoff run are you won the ALCS MVP last year he had a pretty good batting average really good old PS this year zombies percentages PS plus so if you look at what he does in the postseason he is bpme Hues lights out in the 2020 postseason cell are they were I mean the career in the postseason these 358 header with n o p s of 1200 so basement remodeling milwaukee.  keep going 144 so yeah I don’t really know what’s going on with Eugenia Suarez I think he’s just not a good hitter start cell too much of a joke he’ll get his number is Chase Anderson that picture good so I want to look at Eugenio Suarez from 2018 to make the All-Star game here to 83 he always has struck out a lot but I’m last year really it was a big decline but 2015 is going to respectable header ages can we play shortstop I don’t know for what team 2016 and 2018 clear few games is the series played shortstop since when I thought you loved bigger than that either way she’s not I don’t even know what his best stretch of the Season 1 season 1 60 in the year stretch it would have been from May 2nd through May 20th we played 16 games not even baby from or you go from here to Lake is heating up I guess.

Kids yoga stretches on the year actually what is birthstone Center insert the genus words for you speak strike okay either way then always bring shorts out now it’s kind of funny if we look see worlds were at here I don’t remember last time I I did all there was.  I  I guess redo another one basement remodeling Milwaukee there it is let’s see the Brewers beat the Tigers in 10 Innings at 1322 I had a good game yellow 1 4 3 stop when 144 2 RBIs of course caps near 1/3 struck out once I was trying to show Exit 124 to so good for him finally a good game lidocaine get a hit Omar Narvaez mobile. We did get one hit. Good to see, birds that strike out I’m here good start. We went six Innings of one-run it struck up 7 a good game for him new Richards guy I’m not a big fan of he is really struggling to do anything for the Brewers

I’m so Brent Suter it a good game well as Josh Hader of course and basement remodeling milwaukee then Brad Boxberger Surprise egg with Evan Williams but he must have pitched the you know what that night before or something like that killed by do winter through the homerun on Jonathan scope of course he went to her for Miguel Cabrera struggled the Cubs were playing pretty well as of late beat the Padres 7 it to honestly look the Cubs are Kris Bryant continues to hit really well Happy by has had a great game yesterday add two home runs self begin for him wisdom, wisdom, Patrick wisdom this guy’s name I 29 22 minutes debut EP be playing three two games of the series played in seven games in the 07 hits in 15 at-bats and 17 total bases song apparently he’s been doing pretty well for them at third base text Brian at first and then I’ll that we look at the we look at San Diego talk to you set another homerun I don’t want 1 for 4 with two strikeouts I’m kind of surprising to see actually I don’t like my child so I don’t basement remodeling milwaukee  really care if we go to the first White Sox versus Cleveland game there’s a lot going on there set me the game word trip to McKenzie at H3 strikeouts yeah it was we still get water runs so I don’t know what it is when Mackenzie

He just probably can’t find the strike zone murder is there a lot of pictures I mean to 5 in in see through see through 86 pictures which is kind of line. White Sox split with Cleveland wonder One in the I need to Blue header places for Cleveland he’s been pitching good Emmanuel clay see 23 basement remodeling milwaukee  year old make a call with you though decrease at 10 saves so you got him he’s Texas trade the Angels lost to the Giants got the win see how good Johnny Cueto pitch 37 and 1 run and struck out five so very good game for Johnny Cueto how Longoria went to 4 to with two RBIs go to bond yeah he went pretty good one for to with an RBI Matt X hadouken what copy the Brewers see how their prospects were doing Mitchell stats this year in 2021 all three games I was hurt but, he played really well he’s just injured price to rain if you look in 2021, and Double A’s got to 60 words so nothing great there.