I could also powers on from looks like Garcia’s has hit a home run for the Brewers should I be pretty cool see I might have to go on Twitter for the highlights or something the right way to go back to the basement remodeling Milwaukee go to the Pistons where go to their summer league roster Cape coming in the first round of list Killian Hayes use a rookie last year believe.  he was the guy that played overseas on Isaiah Stewart saddiq Bey is another guy’s pretty good so I’m see Koo play for a couple Seasons now Garza or something so that’s pretty cool.  this is our kind of a cool team to watch this year in the summer league. and then we  play for the G League Gary Payton II play little bit on the on the Bucks guys like Kyle guy who played for Virginia I basement remodeling Milwaukee don’t remember him I think he played for Sacramento last year and now he’s fighting for a spot either apple pie or pecan pie I like pecans Rockies 1 we have Justin Anderson 5 year is out of 4 Jr.

That was me an awesome 3D player going into the I’m so rock it there will be a cool the team see the pictures of them Cassius Stanley who is one of the most athletic players in the league I don’t know where Bryce Johnson is playing go go petards is also on the Pacers summer league team operates Johnson see what these random UNC players are doing these days I thought he’s got a really good player use like a newborn option for download the Buick is I don’t know what that is it mean if I click on that right to bear arms. How much is a league in Japan apparently I’m good at this team the Clippers they have for the Boston Junior Isaiah Hicks parently another UNC guy Keon Johnson think is what I just read on the Lakers would probably be basement remodeling Milwaukee used to have view my cheerleader beats up people many talked about him pretty exciting to have nobody else I really know so if we look at the Grizzlies we will see that they have that you’re Williams use their first-round pick I believe out of Stanford.

Doesn’t mean I know about that name Merrill has the guy that we just traded on or we have return we got Gordon on Gordon we at with the same Grayson Allen the heat I don’t know what their players are are they have see there is Drew basement remodeling Milwaukee Smith I really know Ice Age Freddy look at the books and we’ll just look at them rules I have What’s the next line of habitable planet insulting Justin Patton the world supposed to be really good.  see if the next or the thunder, thunder I got kitties like their number one pick real Megalodon the card for them and we can I think that the injury Keys brother stream and don’t know much about him Charlie Brown jr.

What I mean the name that is and there is the magic who have the magic hat that Jalen Suggs RJ Hampton Anthony is playing DJ August playing but he’s working last year but a lot of players on that team I’m pretty basement remodeling Milwaukee sure call Anthony will not be playing look at the 76ers roster they have Tyrese Maxey who played in the last year on Tucker who are members of the Brewers and the Box last year he’s a guy with insane jumping ability and fast-break ability.  Frank Mason Beetle Brown is playing for the Suns how can I freeze frame play for the Trailblazers Kobi Simmons are here with him Michael Beasley in the movie how’s the Trailblazer so.  Trail Blazers be the most fun to watch it’s really so far what kind of her you’d like if you look at the kings of Alexander Cooper with his youngest brother who is supposed to be really good at Buddy’s Towing.  down for the Spurs basement remodeling Milwaukee remove scale labissiere Tre Jones from Duke play for a different team right like that and then there’s the Raptors if we keep going there.

We’ll see what the Raptors actually of precious achiuwa you don’t want Nabi Nabi on another guy for the free clip see resume or we of Utah Ramon what channel is Cassius Winston Corey kispert knows when the only two guys I know on that team song We Go 2 lb the see the TV Brewers Fork of the Discord It’s so unfortunate. I think tomorrow with the other plans the Cubs again 4 game series wins free have a nice little series coming out August 25th of 5 year previous game of course basement remodeling Milwaukee if image of the Season against the Dodgers look at this one they’re looking pretty good away from home the best team they are the best game away from home this year the worst yep are actually the worst team or The Orioles but better not in it this year because image right away ask for her couple of not that basement remodeling Milwaukee great prospects and we also have the giant to 15 lines of course. Oh boy apparently looks can be deceiving and it looks like i have a lot to do but it can be where it is if that is even a good text or thought to have either way it can be something that is funny there we go something is problem solving. What a weird concept to think about this is something that got solved so there is what it needs to be but i really will miss my person tonight and we will just need to see where everything else will be so far i am doing good and just trying to let my thoughts pass like a leaf in the river and if it wants to flow let it flow but i do not have to engage with them or believe them.