Okay cool so this is working now home we’ll see how far we get where she’s going to go basement remodeling Milwaukee through my phone and go from there talk about these young men that we saw this morning it was a somebody who wanted two bathrooms done in Friendly Hills want to drop ceiling done in 2.  two the in drop I don’t know how well that would work out of egg whites in the first bathroom you look that was very small it was just a toilet so half bathroom.  he’s one of the painted he wanted a new vanity new lights things like that and I would call would be a facelift I’m in that bathroom so there’s nothing crazy there we just took measurements and is pretty small and then the other bathroom for the other bathroom he wanted.  do you want to the tile floor as well as a tile shower surround new vanity a new toilet and then your phone in that room painted so both of them together I would guess it’s going to be prime up 28000 I’m however could be more thing and how much Plumbing. we have to do the drop single gospel 3000.  so to more than that do people really just come through on this I was like going on the others w b I want to look at this one 3D basketball player Rico Goomba wildly very good clear I don’t know what’s going on here we can see that the.  there’s a are in Oregon.

My phone’s going to pick that one up so we can try again basement remodeling Milwaukee go there we go actually went there in that basement remodeling Milwaukee one see Brandon Jennings I Don’t know what is a father so bad what’s a lot going on if we keep all your goals at his recording them because he doesn’t do it that well but we can see things like pictures of Korea all the teams he beat get a reason a cappella Hardin we can see that there is Olga’s pretty good weather in that do free go PJ Tucker yeah he’s got she’s doing what he needs to do see if we could see Seattle Kraken after they did their expansion draft last night will see any of the rumors that are going on the start of July August September October so October will be when the team starts Capri long ways away it doesn’t matter really doesn’t look like Love to see that I don’t know why it does that but I’m either way somebody got turned down but it’s going better now which is good on here flurry got 1.3 million cap hit and we also with a lot of people are saying he’s going to get traded home so we’ll see what that the branch of their hole be pretty cool if he was the first Captain I think you’re done of his nerves and

I’ll get that Jersey I forget what I want to look up right now I’m getting pretty hungry, want lunch cut it up a Clif Bar if we look at my macros right now we will see that we’re actually kind of fun I think we’re really high in carbs this morning I think we’re probably at like really looking good probably try to take it to 660 John horrible but if I want to eat dinner I can get pretty bad breakfast memes to pre-law New York 79 with only 52 we really don’t have much protein today go for dinner I want something like that.

Halogen to the fish and maybe I have something saved in here somewhere, I guess we could do a gross Greek yogurt don’t even really like those but either way I could probably eat it I could be horrible for me to leave the expired so we’ll be fine are you so quick add fiber bars background right now pretty good on the background see I’mma put the spoon in there too just because I’m going. after all that you see on the most. ingredients in this town really don’t want to it is what it is milk protein in a Whey Protein that’s the number one ingredient so like the put cornstarch in the oil so it makes the either way though these are pretty good we look at the Moon story having 32 grams I guess we’re going to grams All right so pretty cool go on Facebook and see what’s going on there look at this one he said since nobody else is here and basement remodeling Milwaukee I don’t worry about any fights today I’m just going to go home.

What can I Segways for free.  right I wonder what they did it. suck to work from home I wouldn’t do it yeah I wouldn’t get anything that’s what I would do it for me and I’ll talk 12 like if we’re really if I was at home for a week there be nothing getting done at the column every 30 minutes to see basement remodeling Milwaukee what I’m supposed to do.  over covid-19 I’m trying to thank you I work through covid I worked at Menards they weren’t stopping.  I don’t know the. problem is they were considered sense when nobody went in there to buy essential like remodeling your house is an essential. what yeah but Menards was Notorious for acting like they what yeah but Menards was Notorious for acting like they care about covid  or do they just slap just ladder it was on it but what kind of sandwich oh no sauce it’s ruined it’s just a joke sandwich. haven’t had basement remodeling Milwaukee 4 till 11 we have Portillo’s once I think.  yeah that’s pretty good I’ve had that nothing I got like onion rings there one time I don’t really know what they do hot dogs to right. If you want more information, reach out today and give us a call! We’d love to answer any questions.