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Hello today is a great day I’m Back to Basics Builders basement remodeling Milwaukee I processed a few things and I am currently working at a to-do list and it’s been tedious trying to stay focused with the sun shining in the beautiful weather and I don’t want to do much I’ve never had an office job in the summer and I am looking forward to it now because the Sun comes through the windows and I have Windows and I loved it at home this weekend is going to be a long weekend we have a lot in store for us a lots in store for us as I’m going through some projects I’m learning about different things and this weekend I have just so much on here to do so is I start my to do list I say we do Thursday night we can go ahead and schedule Thursday and will do Friday I know we have a Memorial Day weekend so it’s a great weekend so just get a ton of stuff done a back-to-basics pillars basement remodeling Milwaukee y’all can share what you have planned for this weekend we don’t have much planned this weekend not a lot I know Thursday which is tonight I’m going to prep my countertops and then so that means we’re going to need tape and clean the countertops I’ll be Thursday night Friday we will Prime and usually when you’re working on countertops you wanna use up to two coats of primer it’s called bonding now the stuff that we have for laminate countertops and sing kapali something and you roll it right on and it Primes obviously it comes you can get it in different colors to help with your paints but we’re definitely doing awesome timing on Friday align Saturday we will most likely paint the countertops Saturday morning no once paint the countertops you can let everything seal for about 24 hours and at back-to-basics Brothers basement remodeling Milwaukee I want to let you know that they have these kids available at different stores so I know they aren’t there’s a lot of different things out there that you can use a lot of online stuff but I am got mine from Home Depot down the block cuz it’s closed and I didn’t want to be driving all over the place and we will then go ahead and seal on Sunday and so this is a good 3 240 project some people just like to give it the amount of time listed on the as to how long each product should dry but if you’re doing layers and sponging it’s going to take a good day to paint a countertop the way you’re like it and because we are possibly going to be doing two countertops we’re going to go ahead and run it through Sunday and then we’ll just go ahead and seal everything up I am really excited because even though I don’t have my countertops I’ll be able to do dishes in between drying times and cleaning up and dinners and what not a lot of paper and plastic is going to be used again I’m not ready for it but and to and I want the money Money YouTube videos of how to and I’m a little nervous I really am I I don’t and Giants me nuts Maybe because I don’t know what to expect but I feel like we will be getting a lot of stuff done this weekend at i am excited to see what has become new and what is going to improve in my home this weekend i have so much excitement i am so happy to update my kitchen and bathroom look it has been way to long for this and i am excited to get things moving along now what is your big project this weekend and what will it look like for you as an at home staff this weekend at a look forward to the best four day weekend there ever is i cannot tell you enough how happy i am to better prepare for a new home than i am now i really feel like a grown up and all my dreams are coming true in front of my eyes my kids have rooms that are going to be gorgeous by the end of summer and my home will be fashioned in decor and people will want to come over and visit for coffee and watch birds on my porch i cannot wait at we will find whatever you may need done during your remodeling project and we will move forward with all your project needs we have a 15% lower rate than any other company in the business and we will start your project free with a free estimate and free consultation you cannot miss out on our remodeling projects so call us today at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee check out our website at and fill out the contact information to the best of your ability and your knowledge we would love to schedule your free estimate today and move forward with your remodeling project ami the only one excited for this three day weekend maybe i dont know i just love when my home starts to look beautiful and up to date with a touch of rustic old fashioned things hanging around i love the modern rustic chic look in my home and i am so excited to move forward with fun new colors and to finish my counter tops and to continue with some fun decor at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we get really excited to move forward with remodeling projects.