Hey welcome back everyone is having a great and fantastic day. See you know here at basement remodeling Milwaukee we are having an amazing day and all today we actually just got another change order coming through and so we’re looking forward to getting that one done and helping our clients even add more to their project and I already stated in the contract and we do that a lot here at making sure klasky exactly the one that wants the project starts never to always live definite and final thing meaning that there’s always ways to change it and that’s where I change orders come in at the play we make sure you have the option of adding stuff for her to get away something throughout the project that they don’t like it I’ll see it has to be done within reason meaning that you can’t take someone away that we already worked on and expected to be cheaper but we do make sure that here at basement remodeling Milwaukee if you want to add something we can have as much as you want to see everything does cost money so everything would depend on the money that you want to spend throughout the project.

You know here we have a lot going on and we wanted to tell you about the passionate field homes we’ve seen and what we discussed says you know passion-filled homes we have a lot to talk about and what I mean by that is each home we go to a passion because the family is passing about something and we’re guards fits running sport art reading language arts history or whatever it is there is something that combines a family’s way of just combine the other and having a good time as a family and we seen a lot So here we have a lot to go well with and you know we do have a lot of passion for our clients and everything that we do for a client regarding the basement remodel kitchens or bathrooms you know we do a lot like I said we do it all. You know here we talked about different ideas of passion filled with homes and you know there’s a lot of things that go along into this process and we make sure we get our clients involved in the process cuz you know is at home and we want them to be passionate about their home we want to make sure that they get exactly what they want throughout the process and that it looks fantastic and you know what you can take a look at our website and the testimonials and find out exactly that if we’re lying or not our clients are there with all the work that we’ve done and they love the work and they tell you who that we have a lot of great communication with them every step of the way and it goes through many from the beginning to the end of the project so why you get basement remodeling Milwaukee.

Call and let us help you with your next remodel cuz you know here we help our clients and make sure that they have a passion Shield home as well making sure that it turns out great and fantastic and that it is an absolutely amazing you know we just won an award for a previously done project last year and we’re very happy and we’re happy about it cuz you know they’re happy about it and it’s well as they are very passionate about it’s well they already told all their neighbors everything about they won the award and that he sent us an email that they’re ecstatic about it and we couldn’t be happier that we won that award but we couldn’t be happier that that’s how well he and they took it as well as the fact they have a lot of passion with her home and you know it’s amazing how that works to share basement remodeling Milwaukee with care about the passion that comes into one’s home and goes in out because we want you to be able to show off that basement that kitchen that bathroom to your family or friends neighbors so you can give us a call and let us help them as well obviously but you know we just scared that you are the result is amazing for you and your family.

Here at basement remodeling Milwaukee there’s a lot that goes into these processes through the communication through our agendas that we helped create for our clients and making sure that they understand what’s going on throughout the process that every step of the way from day to day to the week to week to month to month I know sometimes projects don’t last that long but some of them do with the longer duration ones like the bigger projects actually do take a little bit longer but you know here at basement remodeling walking is a lot that goes into our processes and we make sure we let you know every step of the way through orientation I’ll give you phone number so you can call and let us know that you’ve given questions.

We could be wasting to communicate with us that set up meeting and so that we get use questions answered went on a timely matter as well as if there have been concerns about what’s going on throughout the process as well as the crew that’s been working on your home and you know that’s one of the biggest things we do and we communicate very well and very quickly we make sure we check the agenda Steely here at basement remodeling Milwaukee and it’s our passion to help our clients do this and do these remodels and it matters to us how it all turns out in the end so get basement remodeling Milwaukee Back to Basics Builders a call and let us help you with the next project. He doesn’t know what is going on that is for sure.