Okay I’m definitely in try to get another couple of these done because I just like what I have to do is money tomorrow in the next after that so I can get ahead that perfect. Basement remodeling Milwaukee if we look to see the last thing I looked up all it was just about the keto diet which is kind of thing the way that it makes Siri it just burns text you just lose a bunch of water weight is essentially what’s happening but frequent Thursday people trying to add the add salt to the water to make it better never heard of that .

I mean if I’m Thursday I’m going to keep drinking water let’s go to I guess we can go to MLB scores because we looked at the basketball once but if we look at that Mobi scores for today actually want to look at the illegal stats on the website on the wheel see the league leaders like basement remodeling Milwaukee we will see that looks like I’m fighting a gorilla junior is 1st and o p s so that’s kind of exciting for him in first place for average is Nick Castellanos in hundred ninety-one at-bats he’s heading 361 or 16 right behind him is Jesse Winker his teammates but they 341 average there are essentially the same header cassiano’s as a little bit more power but essentially the only difference is my forehead is super coil, why nice wave Orange if we look at other placesĀ  oh my gosh that was ridiculousJunior for three behind him is Adam Frazier but out of all the guys that are typing average vitamin Guerrero Jr has the most power looks like Adam Frazier does not strike out so good for him Kris Bryant having a great year as well as JD Martinez you are done Alvarez Alvarez barely just doesn’t get walked.

He just is about and just get singles all day everyday Xander Bogaerts Trea basement remodeling milwaukee Turner you know some of the better players in the league if we look at what’s go to home runs the league leaders are see Ronald Acuna is up there he’s tied for first with Vladimir Guerrero Jr vs playlist games at Dulles Garcia’s got 16 home runs he’s a guy that I’m kind of interested in seeing where he’s at so the first time I feel like this the first time I’m hearing about him this season and loss cousin 2018 was his rookie this essential his rookie season I’m so it’s kind of exciting to watch him to their friend basement remodeling milwaukee of talk to you soon 13 I get to 16 homers I mean he is just incredible to watch I apply the most exciting players in baseball shohei ohtani his fifth Rafael Devers 1/6 what are the guys that don’t strike out them with finally bro Juniors up there he’s just a good hitter all around the guy in the top 10 with the worst batting average will be looks like Eduardo Escobar so Eduardo Escobar’s Arizona Lake and I know there’s a good card for him on MLB The Show but I don’t know much but real life real life so he’s been a pretty big strikeout guy but he had some runs so good for him for him like in a see 2018 he was traded from the twins to the Diamondbacks and while with twins he did really really really good on basement remodeling Milwaukee. either way if we look at on the way we’re on Escobar still to go to triples Who’s lead the league in triples that usually doesn’t go down David Peralta I don’t know nevermind I just

I just went down for some reason Jesus Aguilar as a qualified header was 0 triple so it’s funny David Peralta Arizona’s left fielder is leading the league in triples must have some good Gap power bigger problem if I remember used to be an All-Star or his head all-star-caliber Seasons he’s been in the see 2018 would be my guess if he had a All Star Bicycle Club RTP Player of the Year Silver Slugger please go player second hampson by him but I think he’s fast is a center fielder for the Rockies. Basement remodeling Milwaukee I’m if we look he looks just like Trevor story actually even the league longer than I thought another guy I’ve never heard of but that’s fine I delete leader and hits their Fraser think was the cassiano’s library Junior Marcus Trey Turner Tommy edman those are all guys, you have been surprisingly he just has a ton of at-bats I’ll do you get to watch very much Cedric Mullins up their foreheads so Pikachu them doubles is always fun going to see Adam Frazier again with the doubles he’s always been a pretty high contact I would apparently is coming into his own this season I remember power guy but he is doing its thing this year so it’s good to see something like that quick but he’s a good second basement he’s exactly what people do when they’re not all one of my favorite players.

I think he’s always super underrated and you look so he’s playing really well this year by 3 struggled in the shortened season but that doesn’t count the series already playing a lot better than he did last year and like I said his doubles are up there his rookie season would have been his worst but he is a a see when he’s got he’s got the he’s got school Glover he’s just always a Go Go Samurai I thought he’s an All-Star if you never want to see if you never made the All-Star team I will be shocked stats basement remodeling Milwaukee see where he’s at so if we go there to 5 time all start a time go go 4 time plan on Glo 4 time Silver Slugger so Pearson usually similarity scores all guys move somewhere by ages so he’s just very good not really a Hall of Famer more so like a Scott Rolen type Century Nolan Arenado is Scott Rolen that’s what I’m saying pretty much Aramis Ramirez but Aramis Ramirez is never a big see he was never a big defensive guy he was awesome in the years that we got on my 2012 through 2014 good for him.