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I am so excited welcome everybody thank you all for coming here to back to basics builders I am so happy you have all joined us today at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we are setting up for a great time here in just one moment please have a seat we will be with you in a moment to explore the newest popular colors ever have you noticed and modern trends have you noticed a lot of new home with their fancy rec rooms have you noticed all the new landscaping projects in the neighborhoods have you noticed that at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we have free estimates get excited and lets get moving we are booked for the upcoming two weeks so please sign up before march we would love to start your home this spring we can help you move forward with all these projects I cannot believe how excited this is at back to basics builders basement remodeling Milwaukee we have experience in multiple remodels small from attics to large basement remodels and kitchen remodels please feel free to get your free estimate today we will be so happy to move forward with your remodeling project lets see what else can we do here did every one grab a snack and some beverages well I can tell you a few things about remodels they are never easy however they can run smooth we do come up against obstacles and we do manage them well we have google reviews and we have articles and videos on our website please do get into them and know what you are hiring know that we are the best basement remodeling milwaukee company out there if you bring us price and discuss your project we can guarantee 15% less than everyone you have estimate I am excited I cannot hide it any more we are on sale remodelers isnt that great we can guarantee that we are 15% lower than any other company bam done mic drop now lets talk how we managed some of our projects well we have the best laborers in the universe words cannot bring me to tell you how great they are they have gotten compliments during the shadow of a hiring process who does this we do at back to basics builder basement remodeling milwaukee that’s who yes somebody shout amen moving on lets talk team work who can build and demo we have a team for both processes we have a lead demo and we have a lead builder we have those who measure to a t and we have those who can rip stuff down either way we have the most amazing out there some body clap your hands it’s a great day at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee let me tell you it has been a journey to get to where we are today and I stand here with a team of people who have bonded and unified broke complicated chains overcame serious obstacles and have been nothing but success some of them I don’t know if they have ever been complimented to much in their lives they see their faults and they know each other strengths and that is where they become unified a bond like not other a family like no other I love this group they smile they joke they are serious they are fun they know when to have fun they know when to get serious and they know when to bring life to a situation that seems overwhelming remodeling brings unity and free estimates call today and get your free estimate we are ready to start and finish your project this spring at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee we will tackle any project now everyone please wait don’t jump up all at once im not finished we want to brag about fashion look at our team they are clean cut professionals that can accessories better than any other team I know then we have culture we have difference we have a range of wisdom and knowledge we have team leads and those that work next to them we have fun we laugh we joke we eat donuts together but let me mention a few things on a serious note this is where I can brag out team is solid and they share common character they are a team of integrity whenever you see them they are doing great and the best they can and I can attest to their integrity behind walls closet doors and carpets they do their very best on the job and off the job they are compassionate they share a yearning to do their best while keeping the customers vision as their goal they understand families need their spaces they need their kitchens and bathrooms to function a lot sooner than the dates given and our team speeds up everything they can when it comes to being diligent they are off the charts when theres nothing to do they find something to do they share commonalities in that they are humble they never make another feel intimidated and never judge they smile and take co workers under their wings to teach them and raise them up to be stronger laborers and for that I am happy to be here at back to basics builders basement remodeling milwaukee I enjoy my Monday meeting I enjoy sitting at a table with multiple men discussing different ideas to improve I enjoy working for a family that understand organized chaos and sometimes lets be real we aren’t always prepared for the chaos to hit as hard as it does sometimes we are real people with real families and we enjoy that we know that Mondays are a struggle in the morning and sometimes we look like a struggle until we have 4 cups of coffee we know that when we walk through the door our families are still a priority and they mean something to our leaders