If we look again look at the scores I mean we can go out to mlb.com I don’t really care about games today except for the Brewers play against the Reds at 7:10 Miracle hours pitching so we’ll see what happens there and there’s not too much else to say except for I don’t think are flowers that could.  basement remodeling Milwaukee play the Nationals beat the Giants at the lost if we look at the players at play Row 4 Nationals on Trey Turner next 1/4 I want soda went 1 for 4 the couch warmer have a good game of 4 RBIs in a home run him and Kyle schwarber kind of led the way as well Starlin Castro is an RBI Opera San Francisco Papa suppose he had a big / 4/9 see Crawford 1/3 via pinch-hit for or as I free what team 4 of the can’t be the same Wilmer Flores Wilmer Flores boy cried when he know he had traded the Brewers what does strikethrough the used on Chris Pringle player so either way though not that great Joe Rocket the winds Washington with me Denis and struck out nine insert other teams he played for like the number five guy by some guy that I would like to have a MyTeam like I said Johnny Cueto basement remodeling milwaukee when I am in the third before and runs he was a four-year.

Look at the Yankees versus Phillies Phillies beat them 7 to nothing are no look at the wind you want 7.2 Innings giving no runs and struck out nine they will say it has cleaned it up Jermaine Jermaine he struggled yesterday he gave up seven runs and forward 1/3 10 hits do you know what a real is kind of swept up the damage but if you look at there’s a play pretty well for the Phillies Ferrara.  insert girl got three hits and two RBIs and scored a run he did a really good average this year has seen the ball well realmuto Play Good want to 442 RBIs Bryce Harper with 144 on such good to see Rhys Hoskins 1/4 but the McCutchen surprisingly at a couple RBIs here 2 doubles let’s get to see for him thank you for making it a pretty good game and I was kind of about it Gary Sanchez I don’t know if he’s supposed to be the guy but I do not think he’s at create I thought that good defensively he did have that urine I guess 2019 and 2017 eat a lot of home runs but did the year between the end of the average has always been the only 6 copy power numbers what did a home run or strike out for that guy merge Miguel andujar a lot of people think he’s like a great Prospect but had a good year in 2018 those kind of bloated.

He’s finding this out looking good basement remodeling Milwaukee.  look at the Reds versus the Rockies the Reds 1622 sure we up Jesse Winker got two heads cassiano’s going to hit end current couple doubles cassiano’s header double he’s got 23 on the year those two guys just won’t hit the ball and Suarez did home run even though the average is down and we still have no runs so that’s why they keep them in the game color Barnhart / 4 what’s going on but they did you like the pictures which is good to see they’re going to be going up against the Brewers tonight Rocky’s senzatela starting at the last cell color black Wii trailer hitch cover story went over forward 4 strikeouts up there see basement remodeling milwaukee Jake run to get walk three times so it’s good for the Padres beat the Mets where’s the home run this game you went to for 4 or so double so he is. Go Padres song I’m surprised they’re Machado in couple RBIs so who does it kind of getting it done are you going to come see the pictures Paddock a good game I will for sure totally worth it he says so I’m going to say and I’m selling Mike Rafi cards going to by 92 Prince Fielder other basement remodeling milwaukee than that though there’s not much going on.

The game I do have a pretty good catcher with Jason Kendall but I’d like to go through this and just go 2 position catcher the only site that this works to do it so when we look at the best catchers I don’t know how expensive this card is put make a pretty good hitting stats so there’s that weird probably the best catcher in the game now we have Carlos Santana who I know is locked on the bench I don’t know how to get that card but isn’t that great though so if you really want to anyway that I can look at squads what’s going on there I was going to look up players but won’t let me why did complete that third inner that basement remodeling milwaukee  third inning player program which is cool Symphony season 2 what’s a girl like you apply yourself is there I’m going to look at see what the end Lee Rush green card is going for see what my girlfriend will do.

Yvonne Rodriguez card Carlos Santana I would forget that he used to play catcher but if you look to see what that card is going for yeah way too much imagine come over the last two weeks I just I just had 40 total so.  if we keep going here though we can look and I don’t know how many I’m at right now we have to 4 this week holy cow is they’re taking forever On your forget that you can get that same off card unless you seen it so annoying perfect keep looking looks like we can kind of wrap this one up basement remodeling Milwaukee then go from there so.