Stop giving with the pattern themed articles this one I’m going to talk about pinstriped where was. When you’re playing with age does it stop cuz like your mouse isn’t moving on really see of it mine stops every now and then if I take like a longer pause than usually if I keep talking about you little start like typing again. basement remodeling Milwaukee but it’ll do it as I’m talking that’s strange we are so hot I don’t believe the poker table since he respectful make Icee so my friend Maddie she’s right now at Bruegger’s Bagels. And I was like a funny I just think that’s so funny that like they’re outside but maybe she think she started her new position at the computers working for. Today she used to work at like a CNA for them and look how she does mostly administrative stuff because this isn’t that allows her to work from home and she doesn’t have to like I guess drive all across Milwaukee. She would have to drive to like six different locations every day for different patients basement remodeling Milwaukee.

A lot of patience is Fort and nice. Like she had one patient literally chase her out of her house in like scream at Maddie and believe it can’t leave him because I could totally see her job to like stay with them and like I think the specific patient wanted like I don’t know the exact feels like company they’re paying for. Because it’s through like hospice or something because I know she just has a lot of the paperwork and filing I think and she can do like majority that from home which I think she enjoys a lot more than happy to have to go in to different client for patient homes. Also looking at please like strikethrough this. I really like Stripes not particularly and that’s how much protocol Student Portal go straight to my room so I don’t like wearing vertical stripes I like wearing horizontal stripes and I like horizontal stripes in my ribs more I think Center I don’t know I haven’t really decided I think I like purple stripes more rooms. But I feel like I just like you to like Google. Just different strikethrough my images basement remodeling Milwaukee. And has a lot of the cooling that came up.

I thought that a lot of might be a little bit to like elaborate but they’re actually not which is interesting. And it’s not what I was exactly expecting I was assuming they were going to be like ridiculously bright striped patterns but they dark. so obviously one of them is really elaborate not to. The first one I’m looking at is it looks like almost like the inside of a circus tent. They are like it’s like I like the round top and one and like all the stripes come to appoint the start of the ceiling like that kind of thing. But that’s like the only really weird looking one I would say on this page and pictures. I think my favorite one would have to be this one really looks like a berry peachy just a relaxing room. The initial wall itself looks like it was probably white and then or on top of it now they have like Light Blue Bay Asian like a darker blue like straight screen vertically up the wall basement remodeling Milwaukee.

At least they’re Center stripes and they’re pretty repetitive but I think it looks really nice overall. I think it was on Sarah’s desk at one point when I was going through the magazine to light the different like home decor ones. see you in about 20 minutes and then. With just like the East title blue pieces. The wedding is like a light green and light blue mixed with some white. And I think that I’ve been nice and relaxing. It’s a beautiful little girl and I sound like a beach home with a lake house they also really like to look at the blue stripes. There’s a lot of scrapes on your that aren’t blue and I’m not like the biggest fan of them. This one was like it’s in a bathroom and I think it’s might be like wallpaper maybe not paint. Because of all the walls Florida Siri for stealing all the walls are like this dark deep Navy stripe. And it’s just a repetitive Stripes over and over and over and over and over again thanks so much so that it looks like the walls they just painted lady. That you can barely see any other color that you’re between H3 basement remodeling Milwaukee.

And I think that may be the point of it but it just makes a rumor. Dark for the same time. It was really nice of break pieces select at light in the third month as well cut off I like the lighter striped looking room to myself. Like for example this other room that I’m looking it up page This other from District as well. And don’t they did a really good job they did it looks like it’s like a home office and they do like an accent wall the stripes. But like all the strips are going the same fraction it almost looks like an interwoven patterns gray and white stripes are all the same size like thickness and it just the one wall by the desk. I think it turned out really nice cuz it brings in a really nice modern elements in space without it being too like overwhelming and complicated I think basement remodeling Milwaukee. So I think just like the lighter Stripes look really nice especially when they’re always the same size because of it just looks more uniform all I guess and I like overcomplicating it. Like this warmer here right now like there’s just so many different colors of stripes and it’s just so much cuz they’re all different sizes as well. So it’s just a lot more going on that I don’t really like that.