what does he have to do if there’s anything else last night he has to do and they just kind of told him that I mean I don’t know if I don’t actually know what they said but I think ultimately what they decided that they look for basement remodeling Milwaukee. find his stuff and so he had to like resubmit it but they said that they were going to like a rush it because like they knew all the line he was kind and a sorry things have been moving super fast since he did that and hopefully he gets approved this week because I know that like he’s extending his butt off to get the stuff ready and done I know that he’s definitely eager and ready to like take it because I’d also like he’s been studying a lot yes but at the same time that you can only retain so much information like so many times so I definitely I think that he just wants to come to take it and be done with it which I don’t blame him. I and I think he has a friend who is taking it soon to not sure I know Mitch was the first one to get like approved for it all so I think he’ll probably taking it soon but I don’t know if any of make some other friends is not approved for it but luckily though like I think he’ll pass he that you super nervous exact a pass in the first time and you have to like retake it and I agree study all the stuff and then he’s like well if I do that then I might lose my job because your day has been lined up basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But I was like I definitely think that he will be completely fine I don’t think that I don’t think that you would lose his job over at all. But I’m the I also think that he definitely knows more than he thinks he knows and I feel like that’s your side, nothing was there anything with fake people always kind of like doubt themselves and their abilities which it stinks because I gave you see like I know that he knows the stuff and all that but I’m he obviously just kind of need a little bit more motivation and encouragement and I font extra papers Sweet Retreat for squares because I made it one more square but it just wasn’t really like that because square like kind of a little bit of a rectangle shape to it but yeah so I’m hoping that he gets approved for that soon. Because they’re also for the help that he goes to work soon because he’s driving me a little crazy since he’s just at the house all the time. I know he likes to stay busy and so being cooped up in the house definitely isn’t like his first choice for anything at all it’s actually basement remodeling Milwaukee.

He likes to be busy and be doing stuff and oh my gosh this isn’t a school where either I don’t know why I got to last I think I’m just going to make like a template and then I’ll wait and I’ll get more paper my gosh I got this weird noise I’m just a very like precise person so when stuff isn’t precise little crazy crazier than it needs to be but that’s just going to who I am and I’ve always been a super crafty person like you and like and I was safe to say it’s like everything had to be a Crest just to keep me like entertain. Whether it was painting or sewing I’m crocheting literally you name it and I was like in love with doing it. I did a lot I love coloring painting like that by my number one thing actually really like to like make Zapata like clay and like back the Cattery but that just kind of expensive in like I honestly did not have that kind of like ever I cut those but I don’t know I wonder if this is symmetrical if I can make this up to our definitely can make this into a square me alright okay now I think I need to get square again just me and my with row seating this basement remodeling Milwaukee.

But play I know my sister for eager to get back to working and doing stuff like that he really likes to see and I got a thing but so it definitely cold break I think are cool is in the next like 2 to 5 years we want to be able to buy a house financially maybe it’s kind of like a Steve goal but I definitely think it’s a But my family has always been kind of like him to the Fixer-Upper thing. My grandpa is very handy how he actually helped my mom’s cousin his nephew built his house it was a while ago cuz now he can’t really take you in like walk that great anymore.

Just cuz I mean old age and what not but he worked at a lumber mill for very very basement remodeling Milwaukee very long time like for as long as I can remember so that’s kind of like where he got his start in like all that kind of thing and yeah I’m really trying I was going to just I keep on stopping and starting and stopping and starting writing these articles but I just feel like to save time I’m just going to kind of keep talking and typing until like I had 5000 words divvy them up then go from the hair I think just because I basement remodeling Milwaukee don’t want to take that takes time and then I can get my file articles done like a lot faster I got my friend is texting me are you busy and won’t work what do you like have a.