Don’t know about that song so that was that article and I title that one that’s growing through Pinterest and I just scroll through but just a little bit not as much as I probably could have just because I like to talk and I got distracted and oh gosh no Don’t Worry List basement remodeling Milwaukee. I keep on thinking I just heard it’s not like I’m really nervous but it’s not her so weird I mean right think I don’t know what I would do if I were in her shoes. Cuz I really do think the black Andy would look nice and I was really do think that a romantic it would look nice personally from my style I was going to Black Manatee just because I feel like that is more of a classic kind of bathroom whereas I feel like drinking a lot more of a modern feel so I’m not sure what she’s going to think we could always find her a Black Vanity if that’s if you just strictly want to black color vanity I think that we could probably find something and put something together.

I don’t know if it would be the exact one that she wanted originally I am not super sure but I am going to try and get at least one or two more of these written before I call her and also I’m trying to get off, I think on my shoe and it literally will not come off and it’s driving me crazy and like who speak their come out like that gropes I’ve had two piles of gum on the bottom of my shoes and like I really want to get them off but if you really want to touch it so I don’t know basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I’m just going to scroll through Pinterest again just kind of talking through it but I’m see what I’m planking on finding so let’s hear what else is very interesting on here right now so right now all this kind of cool it’s called them they’re making like a DIY lantern out of Legos paint sticks that use texture paint when you get like a new like I guess I’ll do it actually looks really cool that kind of like it all together that looks so cool I definitely don’t think Mason will be like in for that kind of thing but I think it looks really cool. I know I really like partying like a simple DIY crafts except that I could do on my own kind of expensive and like to buy like I really like doing that home decor DIY just because I don’t feel like typing it all the time because it’s really expensive and I don’t understand why it’s so expensive like some of the stuff is literally made so poorly but they’re still going to charge you like $56 for something like that. I ordered Marvin of a bandana for cuz him and I are having some fall photos taken in September so I ordered him a new bandana for pictures and it was 20 something dollars for his bandana. Call today for basement remodeling Milwaukee services.

And I just feel like I got her stay like that kind of stuff takes time and all that you want to make sure this year, taking people for their time but sometimes that stuff is just crazy on Etsy they price their products so but then my price like shipping as well and I’m like okay like at what point like are you making a profit or are you a scamming us because if I understand completely like wanting to be able to make a profit make a living off of that stuff but the same time you don’t want to be charging a ridiculous amount of these the people aren’t really going to buy it. Cuz if I do for me like I would really like to buy more word about Barbie and a nice but I can’t blue dress if I spend anyway $20 I don’t like a single bandana country connection that I’m home my mom and I might go to like Jo-Ann’s and fight the Halloween pattern fabric. Okay that was super weird I feel like I just heard somebody walking on the ceiling but we are on the highest floors I would have somebody’s on the roof. Super frightening I don’t really like the fact that I could hear the footsteps above me. I don’t know. Just looking like so weird and I feel like I don’t know cuz I’m all alone in the office right now to with this really okay I keep on hearing footsteps now I heard the door so maybe somebody else is here for the office so I think Joe was probably on his way back is my assumption basement remodeling Milwaukee.

We are so leave in like those were remodeling 2 when you are on the Outsourcing to from work quick for plumbing electrician sore HVAC Ernie that stuff like yes they’re going to charge you or would you need to make sure that you’re compensating them for their services. Because this is what you do for a living and their job basement remodeling Milwaukee. And I feel like sometimes people are doing remodels forget that forget that these people that we are contracted to help us complete your project they also need to be paid as well. Not only do we need to be paper also they need to be paid. You always take care of that but if you don’t have them like in voice that our clients or requesting our clients if you always ask why it’s failing to repay that just because it’s just one last stop for the clients. And down then they don’t notice like the up charts a week is increase the one coordinating everything so we do take a little bit of extra payment for ourselves for that kind of thing. But yes I hope everybody’s having a wonderful Thursday basement remodeling Milwaukee.