Last one basement remodeling Milwaukee. And like I definitely want to get this done apply to get to we’re done till just you look kind of where I’m at. I’m just reading an article right now about conjoined twins I’d like to read The Daily Mail and I stopped at every now and then. But I think it’s supposed to be like that with renovation pedophilia when you run after eating your house if you’re looking young families sometimes you are going to want to sometimes you don’t want to be able to like that have to the Future. And I love you all. Obviously want to think about that or plan ahead for that kind of thing but I know exactly where go to lunch till 10 select a page is always going to by move again. And so that kind of thing.

But I really wish I wasn’t working I start this part of the Pacific time but yeah but I really don’t know cuz I’m just kind of reading this. I could like explained a little more but I really like don’t care to explain it I guess. Just because like I don’t know I don’t see a point of 20 basement remodeling Milwaukee. Hertz scroll I think she’s missing play honestly can’t tell if she is or not. But like okay a few times when I thought I’d I don’t really know I could just can’t offer. 4 dog photographer talk word for fur fur fur hours hours hours hours. And I haha that was funny but I don’t know what you’re telling me forget to get the start I think it’s going back out soon if we live watching that. My grandma my mom would like to watch as I think that’s kind of why I like to watch it. But at the same time like what is but but yes I want to the night night market tonight basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I think that there’s going to be a whole lot of food truck vendors. And I am definitely a sucker for a good food truck. And so like that’s super exciting because like I know they’ll be a lot of 1 day tried before. I mean I haven’t even tried it before. Anyways so knowing that there’s been a lot of different ones to try it and it’ll be pretty exciting. Somebody likes food truck so hopefully we’ll be able to track couple at least maybe like one or two just like split some stuff I don’t know and I’m using it like cells and cost as well as like if you want to try link two different taco trucks do not drive because it brought me that you chose the lake instead of spending like $15 or something only 750 or $8 cuz I don’t like you’ll split it with other person but you also obviously. So I mean if you’re like super hungry and I want to split the food just when I kind of want to eat it. But usually pretty good about splitting things just because I cannot save money in the long run like row while taking money right now. Mostly I just found out today that he got an extra $10,000 on his salary bonus whatever for Deloitte so I mean he’s a pretty voice acts like he’s like dirt poor broke but like I know he’s not. Extremely frustrated because this thing keeps on kicking me out of voice typing. She’s done that keeps talking back Starting capsule and saying I just have a little bit of a headache start when I get home I really want to take smash from here just when I’m looking at my friend. Like I definitely kills the pond at all about go to 30. So I really want to make sure that’s go up there though. Cut I was interested in with all the Articles and I really wasn’t even that interesting. But not let me if I found this was just let me put you on this easy healthy dessert. Looks like it’s Brian with oil or cinnamon sugar and they put in the air fryer for 8 minutes at like 307 degrees that looks incredible basement remodeling Milwaukee.

They’re topping it with ice cream and honey and cinnamon I really want that that looks so good I think I might have to make that. But I need to get all exit I might have a couple peaches are still fine. The other day and so we got a concert in the fridge. Right now so maybe maybe if they’re still going to be able to do that I just will have to get some what time will you be back when are you leaving. All I got to respond to Mason I will be leaving here around 5 what’s up nice. But that doesn’t look so yummy and I feel like it’s really important have the quick and easy desserts up a little sweet treat like how I do whatever I ate it it’s going to happen it’s in the past.

I got to move out that looks really good to know that all those bananas I thought it was Scouts Scouts are so it just stinks because they’re so expensive in like I was going to pay that much for scallops. I do I really like scallops and I think it’s worth every penny and paint it. But I also really like calamari. And that’s another thing that basement remodeling Milwaukee. A lot of people like the column I was basically just quit and I got a lot more like you. It’s gross and I would want you to either pissed right and it is so yummy and it just tastes pretty much. Mac and cheese looks like important all the hard noodles. And then it looks like they poured and some cheese and some chicken stock and like seasonings see all and I unlock a cat so it’s been a really expensive pot. Looks like I just baked it and added more cheese butter basement remodeling Milwaukee.