I think I see there’s like some like anything I do know what that is is this duct tape or what is this shows how much I know right here somewhere duct tape Stitch okay oh you think that the the crew should have decorative duct tape I think her mom would have loved some hot pink duct tape okay there’s another piece house house Ryan’s duct tape flower coming along maybe he’ll bring it home and give it to Kayla are you typing it pictures of king good at looking so good basement remodeling Milwaukee. So you’re going to talk about this when you feel like you really need to figure out what you want to do. I really feel like a lot of people don’t know exactly what they want to do what to do when your family, that you should buy in your room. I feel like if they want to what if we go like this all rip off a bunch of pizzas. stop typing to do with that before. It’s just kind of weird I just like to get super stretchy like outside and I have not. I will talk to you before basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I leave the time but usually is pretty like just in case I can watch describe it. Feels like I can say for example you like my dream is to buy an old house and just completely renovated fix it up here but obviously you’re not going to completely renovate it all out first thing tomorrow to only do it because I had to pick and choose what projects you want to do exactly first. And the me to that hotel that’s when I became a man like outside in like Weird Al get your budget too I’m just been the kind of thing. I think there’s a planet out. Like so you moving of summer are there bathrooms with two bathrooms and kitchen turn on basement or something like that for people like you have a lot of money to spend on it. But usually typically the case. Important I feel like my number one priority. Top Choice. Let’s definitely expect would have to the bathrooms. Of his from what he wants me to try out of a dirty bathroom super good job stage basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I feel like that would be the best thing just because I mean like bathrooms like if you have a dirty bathroom and I feel clear that’s like I guess when with your puppies. Like living in college houses like a lot of back and forth to work link to light coming out of and then like I just like I would have to shower. So usually it so usually I would always try to like a shower at my parents house whatever I wouldn’t feel clean leave everything in general yes I feel like just like putting it out like we should have another one that you could do it on the stage you can you can do 1 on that too if you wanted to or we don’t have to sure I’d love to see you make that into a flower pen. yeah how’s it different your majesty even if show me okay do you want the duct tape give me a rip-off like one big piece or do you want me to do it. this I feel like I’m just going to until I find out. Just like I do why is it cuz if you want to talk to you first leave now you can have to financially couldn’t help here to feel like a lot of people don’t even care how much you can talk. And I’ll have these projects over the years of here before I left I was really good, to get her to get razor bigger bonus worth 7 I got the item all the ways you can get into a lot of that kind of money. A lot of patience and just kind of spending that amount of money in there. I feel like how much things cost and benefits are good idea from 6 columns. But yourself basement remodeling Milwaukee.

People they want to get their master bath three times master bathroom redone and they thought it was going to be there a couple thousand dollars and definitely they were do it those because they might be able to do that. Because we’ve been trying to work in the trades I think that they just canceled that plan on pause just so they can see from the first time. I just sold our family Camp House a lot more that I could fly from college back delete groceries with getting like that like I was pretty much in the past. I was I definitely see what I could do for money basement remodeling Milwaukee.

I definitely think of that helps out with someone but now things are bathroom sounds good sounds good other what? oh okay sounds good who’s office is locked is it the wandering newborn I was at my locked are they here right now so I feel like it’s been locked all day oh. but yeah so I could have what’s your favorite exit I want to do lunch today and he’s like I have like I see pictures of having some nice Kitchen in a nice bathroom summer by yourself currently sick and I are making duct tape roses. It’s going pretty good around I don’t know how many flower petals with me but we’ve made a plan so far. I think that they’re looking for it again if I have to say so myself. I also remember you used to make a lot of duct tape wallets and suffering was around her age kind of fun just remembering it all night affect I still know how to make it was kind of funny I do yes I do seductive operation thank you yes yes our duct tape operation I’m by already has a great rest of their Tuesday I finally hit my 8 SE I was there I was hoping it done today basement remodeling Milwaukee .